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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

I remember when my son was little and he was delighted with his Christmas gift of a construction play set filled with chunky little plastic figures and robust plastic trucks. There was a cement mixer and little traffic cones and a crane that had a working winch you could turn for lifting crates. I am sure I bought it for him because I secretly wanted to play with it.

The main thing was it didn’t cost and arm and a leg and it also came in a gigantic box which, in the eyes of a four year old, implies a gift of great value.

Now that he is a teenager with definite ideas about what’s ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ (i.e. blatant rip-off in adult language) it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a Christmas gift I know he’ll like that won’t break the bank. It’s all about the gadgets and technology nowadays, which don’t come cheap!

Teenagers often ask for cash or a voucher but I’m still an old fashioned believer that chosing a gift for someone that they’ll like demonstrates that you were thinking of them. The problem is, I don’t always know what he likes.

So I asked him to write it down, and using that as a starting point I’ve compiled a list of ideas with some added suggestions from friends and other bloggers.

Maybe you need to buy something for a nephew or a friend but don’t know where to start? This list will give you some inspiration.

Read my girl teen gift guide here.

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1. A multipurpose tool. I have a son who loves to whittle sticks into sharp pointy assegais, which are useful for chasing his sisters and other monsters around the garden. This one is Victorinox (Swiss Army Knife) and is under €50. Leatherman is another good brand but quite a bit more expensive.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

2. Musical instruments and accessories. He asked for a guitar stand as he recently got an electric guitar for his birthday. This Ukelele is the same brand as his electric guitar, it’s fantastic value for such a good quality piece and they offer an online course. Bongo drums are good another idea for if your home already feels like a jungle.

Stretton Payne Ukulele
Stretton Payne Ukulele

3. Gym equipment.  Pull up bar, skipping rope, water bottle and towel. We have a pull-up bar and it gets SO MUCH use, my teen is always on it. He tends to swing like a monkey rather than do actual pull ups but at least he’s getting some exercise!

4. A drone camera. You budget is your limit when it comes to these. It’s a good idea to always read the reviews and do some research on specifications before you decide what you’d like to buy.

Top Race® TR-Q511 Quad Cam, Ultra Stable 4 Channel Quad Copter quadcopter Remote Control mini Drone, drones fpv with hd Camera & HD Video Recording, Features 1 Key Return and Headless Mode Option

5. Quadcopter. You may get one of these for every male in your home so that they can have flying competitions. They are tricky to fly so they take lots of noisy practice – just perfect for when I’m away on those (rare) girls’ nights out.

6. Collectible construction sets. It’s unusual now to find a lad who has the patience or interest in building kits but they are perfect for those quieter days when the tv’s been on too much and there are some amazing ones for older boys and adults now.

UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car Wooden Model (DIY Building Kit) Hand-Crank Powered Vehicle w/ Working Pistons, Wheels, Shocks | Functional, Authentic Racing Design


7. Games and accessories for gaming console. According to my son and many of his friends, this is at the top of the gift list for most boys these days.

White Stereo gaming headset
Turtle Beach Recon 50X White Stereo Gaming Headset – Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4 Pro and PS4

8. Go-karting or other fun outing with friends. Have a look for what’s on offer in your locality and plan a party for your teen. It’s not common to celebrate Christmas with your friends at that age but it could be a become a fun tradition.

9. Bluetooth speaker. You can get cheaper ones but this one is a great deal as it’s currently half price and has an amazing range of other features as well as good reviews. Definitely going to look at this a bit closer!

Touch control bedside lamp with blue tooth speaker
Touch control bedside lamp with blue tooth speaker

10. Pool table. We don’t have space for a full pool table in our house so I was impressed to find that you can get fold-away ones.

HLC 4 ft folding pool table
HLC 4 ft Folding pool table

11. Virtual reality headset. There is an enormous range of headsets at any price you are prepared to pay. If you do buy one just note that he will have to have a phone and make sure the size of the headset suits the phone size. Also you will need to access films off YouTube or download apps.


12. About an interest or a hero, like Bear Grylls. You just never know when you may face your next disaster and you can never be too prepared…

Bear Grylls How to Stay Alive
Needs no explanation

13. Novelty books like the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

14. Interactive role playing books. Oh my goodness I LOVED these when I was younger and I was so excited to find they are still in print. The Fighting Fantasy series by Steve Jackson and‎ Ian Livingstone allow the reader to pick a character and undertake a variety of adventures in order to slay horrid beasts.

Fighting Fantasy series by Jackson and Livingstone
You can buy these books individually or in sets.

Clothing and accessories:

15. T-shirt with favourite band/sport/random saying. I saw one recently which would be perfect, it had ‘EASILY DISTRAC’ written on it, now if only I could find that again….

16. A fitness watch

CanMixs Smart Watch CM05 IP68 Waterproof Touch Screen Wristband Fitness Tracker Bracelet Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Pedometer Step Calorie Counter for iOS Android

17. A case for travelling – cabin baggage size. Our boy took his first unaccompanied bus trip this year and he also flew to the UK to visit his cousin with his older sister. He needs a cabin baggage approved bag but it’s not a very exciting present. However, I have done this for the girls in the past and filled the bag with lots of individually wrapped smaller (inexpensive) goodies and it’s been one of their favourite gifts, maybe because they feel as if they’ve had lots and the unwrapping process takes ages.

My favourites recommended by other bloggers:

My comments in blue

18. Shower speakers so they can listen to their music in the shower, all very affordable, they loved them! (My daughter has one of these and uses it every time she showers, unfortunately)

19. Slacklines are a great present for teens. You can set them up in the park or even a decent sized garden and always seem to attract admiring looks. (I’d never heard of these and I think it’s a brilliant idea – anything to promote physical activity and to get them out of the house and off their screens are a good option in my books).

EPIC SLACKLINE Set | Complete Slackline Kit (Size 50 Ft X 2”): Training Line, Safety Ratchet & Tree Protectors, With Portable Carrying Case | Best for Indoor and Outdoor Fun | Easy & Fast 5-Min Setup

20. A driving experience. I bought my nephew 3 laps in a MX5 which is dual controlled with an instructor beside him. He’s going to love it! (Wow, how cool is this?! I had no idea this was an option, I wonder if our local dealers offer these too?)

Don’t forget to have a look at my teen girl gift guide here, there are a few things there that a boy would like too, such as a Polaroid camera, a Kindle and 16+ Lego sets!

Just some notes on buying off the internet:

We buy local to support small businesses but we also order online when we can’t find what we need in our small town, or if we need gifts sent to family overseas. It saves so much time shopping from the laptop at home when you have a big family and a long shopping list!

    • Check the reviews, not only the positives but also the negatives. When reading the negative reviews check that the complaint is relevant about the product and not something arbitrary like ‘it arrived late’ or ‘my son didn’t like it because he hated the colour’.
    • Make sure the delivery/shipping time will reach you before Christmas.
    • Factor the delivery costs into your budget.
    • See if you can buy second hand or used books in good condition as an alternative – I wouldn’t recommend second hand for any of the other ideas above.
    • If you live in the ROI and the product says it doesn’t deliver to Ireland, you can create accounts at either ParcelMotel or AnPost. This will enable you to have items delivered from Northern Ireland to the ROI. There is a small delivery fee.

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43 thoughts on “20 Christmas Gift ideas for Teen Boys”

  1. My hubby is after a GoPro! Haha. A multi-purpose tool is always a good idea I think. I had one myself when I went away to uni! And I think the slackline is a fab idea – I’d never considered that but it’s something that I think would be a real hit in our house! #blogcrush

  2. Lovely list! My son had a GoPro last year and it’s awesome -we’ll apart from the time on holiday when he decided to film me going down a water slide…..I’ll never live that down and actually the footage shall remain burnt on my eyeballs but apart from that, it’s a great gift! Also love the gym equipment idea…my son is obsessed at the moment with flexing his pecs!
    I have a Christmas Linky if you fancy joining in….promoting all our lovely Xmas reviews. Xx

  3. Teenage boys are so difficult to buy for, my lad would always have console games and chocolates, along with a few bits of clothing…he was happy to have the same type of presents for at least 4 years in a row.

  4. Teen boys are the group that I find hardest to buy for so this is exactly what I need! the notes on buying from the internet are so useful too! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us at #TweensTeensBeyond Liberty. I wish I had seen this a week ago, I chickened out and got trendy smellies for the two ‘boy’ teens I buy for. Otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start. Having only a daughter means I’m a bit green in the boy department.

  6. We bought a pull up bar for our son years ago and like your son he is never off it. There are some great ideas here Liberty. I would also add a portable charger for phones-it has been a life saver quite literally for our son when he has forgotten to charge his phone before heading out for the night. Thanks for sharing with us. #TweensTeensBeyond

  7. Good list – my teen has a few of those items and loves them. One you could add is voucher for the cinema so he can go with his mates or a magazine subscription for a topic he’s interested in – they love getting post.

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