About our trip, where shall I start?

See, this is the problem when you don’t write a blog post for almost a month because you’ve been travelling, you just don’t know where to begin!

There’s so much I could tell you about the USA, it’s exactly as I imagined and yet totally surprising at the same time.

We have just under a week until we return home but I’m not ready to leave. We’ve been to New York, Washington DC, North Carolina, Louisville, and now we head out of Chicago in the morning on the final leg of our journey.

We’re off to Detroit and then Niagara and our last night next Tuesday will be in Boston.

When we set out to do a month’s road trip with the kids I didn’t grasp the notion that invariably a road trip implies lots of driving. Unsurprisingly!

There have been days when the close environment of a car has caused a less than harmonious family atmosphere. We’ve all learnt how to push each other’s buttons pretty well.

We have had some heavy traffic coupled with heavy rain, road works and detours at the last hurdle. There’s something about the endurance of hours on the road which forces you to become more patient and kinder to your fellow car mates. The only alternatives are venomous dialogue or total silence.

I’ve learnt how hungry kids can get when you travel, especially on the days when I have no picnic packed and we’re in the most exclusive neighborhood of some city or other. We seem to have spent most of our cash on food.

I’ve also learnt that they get unreasonably thirsty, need the toilet or vomit when you’re just about to board a bus.

One of the highlights of our tour, apart from all the amazing places we’ve seen and old friends we’ve caught up with is all the new people we’ve met. Strangers have opened their homes to us and shared meals with us. It’s really the people who make up a country and we’ve found the Americans to be extremely friendly, helpful and hospitable.

Although we will have spent a month here, I feel there’s so much we’ve missed out on seeing and there’s no doubt we’ll have to come back again.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying to collate all the memories in my head with the photos on my camera and phone, along with the posts I’ve put on social media into written pieces on my blog. There’s a host of helpful tips I’ve gleaned from travelling with kids in the larger cities which I’m keen to share.

Most likely I’m only indulging my own wishes to relive the lovely moments (as well as the not so lovely ones) so that they are not lost when the month is over. I guess it’s one of the best ways of making the holiday go on for much longer than the days we alloted it.

7 thoughts on “About our trip, where shall I start?”

  1. Hello Liberty!
    I’m so glad to hear that your trip to the US has been going well, at least for the most part. (wink) I am certainly looking forward to reading more of the details.

    All the best and safe travels home.

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