Who is Liberty?

Liberty’s significant achievements all seemed to happen in her childhood. When nine years old, she won a box of mixed chocolate bars in a design competition for a Kiddie’s Korner section in a South African magazine.

Then she won a lovely book for the annual Art Prize at school when she was 12.

Although she loved writing little poems in primary school, at the age of 13 Liberty enjoyed her proudest writing moment when she completed her first novella after taking the English teacher’s essay challenge a bit too far. Her teacher embarrassed her by reading it to the whole class, who got annoyed with her for killing off the protagonist.

On the other hand, that ended up being a good year because she won a chocolate cake in a raffle.

However, now that she’s a mother, her pride is her four children (and writing this blog). This is her personal blog about the things closest to her heart including but not limited to their journeys across this world and through life while sometimes pondering the next one.

Born in England but reared in South Africa she left Johannesburg with her husband and one child and now lives in the tranquility of the Irish countryside with 3 more kids, their 2 dogs as well as 2 chickens and 2 bunnies.

In between the mothering she loves to draw, paint, write, teach a women’s Bible study group, walk beside the sea and dance, she is an occasional graphic designer (spends all her time on this blog now!) and she loves good chocolate and coffee.

If you are a brand who’d like to work with her, please contact her via e-mail at: admin@libertyonthelighterside.com

Why is Liberty on the Lighter Side?

She doesn’t often like to take herself too seriously and feels incredibly daft having written that all in the third person. Basically all I wanted to say is I’m the one laughing behind my hand in the back of the class because there’s usually an amusing side to most things.

There is so much out there on the internet that is negative, depressing, downright nasty but I will endeavour to create a safe place through words that inspire, encourage, inform, amuse or delight.

On a more personal note, we have been through some harrowing times as a family through being victims of brutal crime and the loss of my father in Johannesburg and, more recently the devastating passing of our sweet little nephew.

Writing helps me find light in the dark moments, I hope to share some of this with you.

Get in touch, I would love to hear from you (you can reach me via email at admin@libertyonthelighterside.com).

Share some of your significant life moments with me.

Does any of my life story resonate with you?

When I was 8 I made a decision to walk a path of faith. All my writing and work is underpinned by belief in the One who calls Himself the ‘Light of the World’. I believe that by trusting in Him we find true liberty in this life. This is why I write posts on my blog about my faith as it is the foundation on which the rest of my life is built. I hope some of my writing brings you joy and hope in this life.

Hold lightly on to the things of this world, as freedom is found in the light of the next one. (2 Cor 3:17, John 8:12Ephesians 5:8)

6 thoughts on “Who is Liberty?”

  1. Just popped in to say thanks for the ‘like’. I see we have one or two things in common: born in England, now residing in the Irish countryside and a sojourn in South Africa (mine was short, when you were only 2!). I could add painting and writing but I’ve given up on the former after I ran out of space to store all those painting no-one wants to see on their walls. The latter is a labour of love.

    1. That’s amazing! Glad to make your acquaintance and thank you for the encouragement. I give most of my paintings away so that others have to gaze at them whether they like them or not. I’ve found writing to be so much more satisfying though, definitely a labour of love for me too.

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