Am I an Embarrassing Parent?

Am I an Embarrassing Parent?

I am in a dilemma, my daughter tells me I am too embarrassing on social media. Some of her friends appear to like/follow me though, but perhaps they’re just a bit more polite and haven’t told me the real truth?

It’s ok, I also once had a cool mother who suddenly changed when I turned 13. It’s a bit weird how parents do that, I could never quite understand how they went from being funny and hip to old-fashioned and lame almost within weeks.

Mark Twain nailed it when he said this:

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years.

Now however, I’m a mum myself of a 17 year old girl and 15 year old boy who amazingly are able to simultaneously knit eyebrows, roll eyes and sigh when I entertain them with my latest witty jokes. It sounds implausible but it’s true, how could they have changed too?

The worst is my Instagram Stories. They totes hate the ones that feature me. I find this extremely ironic, have you ever looked at the Instagram feed of any teenaged girl and worked out the percentage of shots that don’tย actually feature themselves? It’s probably about 0.05%. We are talking about the generation that has perfected the art of the selfie, the online makeup tutorial and the eyebrow.

What’s good for the gosling is definitely not good for the old goose, apparently.

Above: The girls were delighted for me to photograph them on a trip to Dublin!

Recently I had a brain wave for my blog as I drifted off to sleep (as you do) which involved borrowing her waist length pink wig and reflective sunglasses. Sadly I made the mistake of asking her before I borrowed them because the first thing she said was I may not do anything on social media that will embarrass her.

Well of course, I would hate to do that. But my dilemma is that opening my mouth or showing my face appears to fall under that very broad definition of being embarrassing.

Hence the bewigged and besunnied disguise! Surely that would be the greatest solution – just to create a new fictional representation of myself?

In apparel that belongs to a teenager which should be preexistently cool?

But apparently not.

However, I asked her, if I was an actress and had to dress up and play different roles (say as an extra on the stage here in Wexford or in a 1970’s documentary shortly to be aired) would she be proud of me or embarrassed by that? It turns out it depends on what I do.

But the puzzling thing is it seems that neither being myself nor dressing up as me-in-disguise is acceptable!

So now what am I to do?

It’s interesting that my youngest two girls just can’t get enough of being in front of that camera, they are willing participants in my blog and in fact, I can’t entertain the notion of doing an Instagram story when they are in the room, without them wanting to jump infront of the lens too.

The thing about teenagers is that they have perfected the art of paranoia. Everybody is judging them allย of the time. Apparently ‘everybody’ also judges them by what we, their parents look like, what we say, what we do or the sound we make when we breathe.

Now I am in the process of trying to figure out what exactly I am allowed to write about or photograph for the public domain? Another puzzle is how to be on social media representing my blog while simultaneously being invisible.

And the last problem is, why it is that parents and children start off so amenable and then slowly morph into unrecognisable creatures from outer space, that couldn’t possibly related to one another at all?

If you have any helpful tips for me I’d love to hear them below.

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14 thoughts on “Am I an Embarrassing Parent?”

  1. WE haven’t reached that stage yet. We have reached the stage where I’m not allowed to put anything on social media where people can see him #collmumclub

  2. it is absolutely your job as a parent to be embarrassing , and it looks like you’ve nailed it!! congratulations, keep it up. Remember all the times they embarrassed you when they were younger ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am very proud of my skills at being an embarrassment. I have a son so I don’t get hassled quite so much as if i had a girl but hey, if you were quiet timid and wrote nothing you’d still manage to be an embarrassment, so just carry on carrying on being you and at some point sh’ll go back to thinkning you are amazing again. xxx #brillblogpost

  3. I often wonder how my kids will feel about my constant ‘back of head shot’ requests for insta, especially as my head rarely features! Or maybe they can become my photographers lol. I’m frankly terrified of them becoming teens, and I will DEFINITELY be an embarrassing parent – on social media and otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  4. I’ve got nothing. Sorry. My instructions from the Tubblet is that I can blog what I like provided a) she’s not in it and b) I don’t embarrass her in any way.

  5. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you said teenagers are paranoid. I remember when I was younger and I constantly felt like people were judging me and, looking back, it’s ridiculous. I probably told my mum off for being her wonderful self, for singing and dancing in shops and once leaving the house in odd shoes. Now, I love those memories. I’m sure your kids will feel the same way some day, but now, they’re young and want to be “cool.” Eventually, they’ll realise it’s a waste of time and parents are worth far more.

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