Amelia Daniels Review – hand-poured happiness!

amelia daniels product review

Amelia Daniels Review – hand poured happiness!

I was delighted to be sent an array of gorgeous hand-poured Amelia Daniels products for review purposes, and in the past weeks since I’ve had them in my home, my sense of smell has been on a delightful journey!

They say everyone has a sense that is stronger than all your others, personally, I think my sense of smell is the strongest. ‘They‘ also say that smell and memory are powerfully intertwined. There is a certain smell of apples that takes me right back to my first days of primary school in the South of England in the autumn of 1975.

Did you know that smell triggers mood too? Think of a time when you breathed in the scent of a rose, or a good coffee, or a batch of chocolate brownies. Didn’t that moment make you smile? and don’t those memories trigger happiness?

Amelia Daniels* is a small family enterprise in Devon, not a long way from where I first went to school, who are in the business of creating hand-poured happiness! Their product range includes beautifully scented, candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, wax melts and more.

Amelia Daniels started the business because of their passion for beautifully scented products and a love for natural candle light. From the start they made a decision to make top quality luxury products that are accessible to all. I love their elegant and understated packaging, but I love their scents even more.

Reed Diffusers

reed diffuser on shelf with other objects
A shelf of some of my favourite objects including the Amelia Daniels Reed Diffuser

At 165ml, the Ameila Daniels Reed diffusers are generously sized and are described as lasting six months and more so they are amazing value. Each diffuser comes in an elegant black box which also contains six black rattan reeds and guidelines for use on the rear. Did you know that diffuser reeds need to be turned every few days to prevent them from becoming clogged with dust?

The first reed diffuser I received was the Pink Champagne & Pomelo, it is feminine and sweet smelling – I love it. I couldn’t do better at describing the scents myself so I have taken these descriptions from the Amelia Daniels website:

Pink Champagne & Pomelo – Sparkling champagne blended with delicious citrus fruits of sweet Grapefruit, Brazilian Orange and pink Pomelo enlivened with hints of tart Rhubarb and fresh,juicy watermelon.”

Then I was thrilled to receive a personalised diffuser with @libertyonthelighterside written in gold on the front of the glass bottle. Personalisation is such a great idea for a gift for someone’s office, or a special occasion. This one is the Soft Lemongrass Scent and I think I love this one even more than my 1st one – it is really fresh and zesty and perfect for a larger room like a living room.

Soft Lemongrass -This Fragrance is beautiful and promises not to disappoint. This fragrance has top notes of tangy lemongrass, Sicilian lemons and juicy limes lead into a heart of spicy ginger root and grated nutmeg, with a hint of refreshing eucalyptus. Base notes include sensual patchouli, white woods and creamy vanilla.

I think one of the biggest benefits of these diffusers, apart from masking smells you’d rather not have in your home (like damp doggie) is that they trigger relaxation. I have the personalised diffuser in my living room – close to the desk where I work, and the Pink Champagne and Pomelo one upstairs on my landing where a current of air disperses the fragrances. Each time I walk past either if them I take a deep breath in, just because they smell so lovely, and this has an immediate calming effect.

amelia daniels personalised reed diffuser and box
My personalised Lemongrass Diffuser

Room Sprays

The Amelia Daniels Room Sprays consist of two components – an elegant black plastic refillable dispenser bottle with a super powerful spray action, plus 200ml glass bottles in the scent of your choice. These bottles are ginormous – I can see the 200ml lasting forever! The scent I received is Jasmine and Frankincense which is rich, spicy and masculine smelling – perfect for spraying over stinky teen boy room smells!! I was so excited to receive this as I hadn’t mentioned I was eager to try this scent specifically, and yet it came in my personalised parcel!

Jasmine & Frankincense -A cocktail of Plum, Raspberry, Rhubarb & Pomegranate leading on to a floral heart where Jasmine and Lily are lifted by soft spices of Clove, Frankincense and Pink peppers. The fragrance has base notes of Cedarwood and Guaiacwood which are softened by golden Amber and Musks.”

Room sprays are great for an instant hit of fragrance over a large area, especially with this spray dispenser as it shoots a fine mist in an impressive 2-3 metre spray.

Soy Wax melts

I received the Tiger Lily Rain and Zesty Orange 80gm parcels. Each little parcel contains 6 connected cubes that look a little like white chocolate – don’t be tempted to bite them though!

The softness of the wax melts means they melt swiftly, but they last for a number of hours. One wax melt lasted for more than four hours so far and I reckon I have 3-5 more days use out of it. I burnt through two tealight candles over consecutive days and there is still melt residue in the burner. The scents are subtle and lovely.

Here are the descriptions of the two scents I received:

Tiger Lily Rain – Freshly squeezed oranges, crisp green apples and zesty bergamot. Delicate floral heart notes of pure jasmine and white rose petals with gentle wafts of ginger, leading into a base of white musk and cedarwood.”

Zesty Orange – A zesty little number that is perfect for those days when you need a little get up and go motivation.”

I would recommend the wax melts if you prefer a subtler scent than reed diffusers. These are ideal for romantic or cosy evenings as using a burner gives off a soft warmth. You can also interchange with different scents on a more regular basis for variety.

My Final Verdict on Amelia Daniels?

My final verdict on the Amelia Daniel products is I would highly recommend them as each scent is unique, luxurious and non-chemical smelling. Although some of the scents are strong, none of them are overpowering or sickly. Some strong scents give me headaches but none of these do. The range of different scent options on the Amelia Daniels website* is huge. All of their products would make ideal gifts.

I also love how the company has made every effort to be environmentally friendly. Here is a bit more about that.

Amelia Daniels and the environment

Amelia Daniels has worked hard to ensure their carbon footprint is minimal, here are some of the ways they have achieved this:

– All product boxes are made from already recycled materials.

-The use of 100% soy wax in their products which is sourced from farmers in the UK. (Did you know that 80% of soy products on the market is sourced incorrectly which is resulting in deforestation and impacting the lives of communities in countries like Brazil?)

– Most products are packaged in glass. Only 2 products use plastic packaging, however, one is 100% biodegradable and the other is designed to be used thousands of times before it needs replacing and the bottle is designed to be refilled with the refills packaged in glass.

– No gas is used to melt the wax 

– The use of eco bubble wrap.

To find out more about the other products and full range of scents on offer, visit the Amelia Daniels website here*.

Wax melt in burner in situ

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