Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS)

Born in the UK, reared in South Africa and now living in the Irish countryside with my husband, four kids, a few chickens and other animals, I love to write about the issues closest to my heart on my blog Liberty on the Lighter Side. With honesty and sometimes humour I discuss the ups and downs of family life, including parenting, being a woman in my late 40's, travel, arts and crafts and our favourite recipes. Before I was a mother I was Graphic Designer - creating is my all-time favourite activity. I'd love it if you joined my family on our adventures.

Four Easy Knit Scarves

Here are four easy to knit scarves that all have a slightly different pattern. I would consider myself a beginner knitter although, in the 1990’s, I knitted a couple of jumpers which included cabling. That was long before I became a mother and I wasn’t so easily distracted. In the… Read More »Four Easy Knit Scarves

Bermuda Pirates Board Game Review

Bermuda Pirates Board Game Review [Advert] Can you collect treasure in your pirate ship without being sucked into a Bermuda Triangle whirlpool and forfeiting your bounty? To win at the Bermuda Pirates board game, using your pirate ship, you need to be the first player to collect a jewel of… Read More »Bermuda Pirates Board Game Review

Caravanism – we’ve converted.

We are currently travelling home from our first ever caravan adventure and in spite of the miserable old weather, we absolutely loved it! In my eagerness to share this with you, I’m typing this on my phone as we trundle along the highways of Ireland. We have had our caravan… Read More »Caravanism – we’ve converted.

Treads Shoes giveaway

Treads School Shoes Giveaway

Treads School Shoes Giveaway Summer holidays have only just begun in the UK, and in Ireland the secondary schools are already half way through their 3 month holiday! No doubt any mention of the dreaded ‘Back to School’ phrase will cause many kids to groan and sigh, on the other… Read More »Treads School Shoes Giveaway

Shamballa and Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Set

Shamballa and Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Set Giveaway!

In my continuing quest to support and raise awareness for female entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses from home I have teamed up with Helena from Busy Beaders – handmade jewellery made in Ireland, to bring you this amazing giveaway! Helena specialises in customised jewellery, personalised bracelets and communion… Read More »Shamballa and Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Set Giveaway!