Balmonds Summer Skin Saver Bundle Giveaway!

Balmonds Summer Skin Saver Bundle Giveaway!

I am absolutely delighted to team up once again with Balmonds to offer you this super handy Summer Skin Saver Bundle Giveaway! All the Balmonds products are 99-100% natural and contain products that are suitable for highly sensitive or allergy prone skin. They are ideal for the whole family, from 6 weeks and older!

I have previously written reviews of some of the Balmonds products here on my blog if you’d like to read more about them:

This awesome Summer Skin Saver Bundle consists of:

Skin Salvation 60ml: award-winning, natural moisturising balm, suitable for all ages (from six weeks) and skin types (including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis). Great for any areas of rough, dry, chapped or cracked skin, it’s a one-pot wonder for all your summer skin needs!

Cooling Cream 100ml: a rich and soothing moisturising lotion, designed to cool hot or flushed skin. It’s formulated with deliciously cool menthol, soothing aloe vera juice and calming lavender essential oil to reduce redness and heat.

Intensive Lip Balm 5ml: Skin Salvation ‘on the go’, this rich, 100% natural balm can be applied to lips and other bits! Great for keeping dry lips soft and supple, but you can also use it during hayfever season as a barrier against pollen (apply around the nostrils), and to soothe sore skin around streaming eyes.

Both Cooling Cream and Intensive Lip Balm have just been awarded BESTBUY in Green Parent’s Natural Beauty Awards 2019, so this bundle is a winner already!

Total value of the individual items in this bundle is £36.98.

Balmonds Summer Skin Saver Bundle Giveaway!

To find out more about these and other Balmonds products, visit the Balmonds website*

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Balmonds Summer Skin Bundle Giveaway

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128 thoughts on “Balmonds Summer Skin Saver Bundle Giveaway!”

  1. The skin salvation looks great, as my skin could do with some more regular TLC.

  2. I would love to try the Skin Salvation Balm, as my skin is really struggling at the moment and no matter what products I use, nothing seems to improve it!

  3. All the products sound fantastic and helpful for older, tired, dehydrated skin. But I would especially like to try the Intensive Lip Balm, as my lips are so dry and prone to cracking at the corners of my mouth. Fingers crossed!

  4. I would like to try the Cooling Cream to see if it helps my skin. Thanks for the competition.

  5. The Skin Salvation Balm, I have dry skin and it sounds as thought it could really help!

  6. The Intensive Lip Balm – I love a good lip balm, I have problems with dry lips all year round :o)

  7. Love the idea of the cooling cream. I don’t cope with heat well so this would be perfect for summer

  8. The Cooling Cream, my skin is so sensitive to heat and I really suffer on hot days.

  9. Skin Salvation Balm for my self, and the cooling lotion for my menopausal sister x

  10. The Cooling Cream, think it will be great after a day on my feet! Love the balm too

  11. I like the sound of the Skin Salvation and would welcome the chance to try it on my skin

  12. They all look great but the Skin salvation is probably what I need the most at the moment

  13. The Cooling Cream – I’m very prone to itchy heat rash and this would be lovely and soothing.
    Jane Willis

  14. Skin Salvation – with the weather changing from hot to cold, I think it will help with the dry skin I get above my cheeks.

  15. Id love to try the Intensive Lip Balm as my lips are always dry and nothing seems to make them soft

  16. I’d really like to try the Intensive Lip Balm. No matter what I do, or how much water I drink, my lips are always dry!

  17. I would really love the intensive lip balm to give my chapped lips a treat

  18. I love these products! I however have never tried the lip balm so I’d love to!

  19. I would love to try the cooling cream and see if it works on my hot flushes.

  20. I’d love to try skin salvation although with the amount of dry skin that I have I might need a truck load full!

  21. These all look like great products to try, especially the cooling cream. This would benefit me the most

  22. Skin Salvation Balm. God knows I could do with every little bit of help for my skin. 😂😂

  23. I’m looking forward to trying all the products as I feel like I need all of them equally!

  24. I am looking forward to using the Intensive Lip Balm as I am constantly having to rehydrate my lips.

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