Bank Attack Game Review (no Heart Attack – yet!)

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Bank Attack Game Review (no Heart Attack – yet!)

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We were sent Bank Attack, the latest family game by Ideal, for review purposes. This is an hilariously dangerous game – hilarious because it’s funny how a little game can be so intense – watching one another bounce around in the suppressed terror of failure is entertaining in a twisted sort of way. Dangerous because poor Athol said his heart couldn’t handle the stress of playing it any longer than one round.

Bank Attack is a fast paced collaborative game for two to four players, the aim is to try and crack the safe by following a set of instructions, wthout making a mistake, within the time limit. Players take on one of four different roles and have to pass various pieces of equipment to one another or push their corresponding button on the safe, directed by electronic commands issed by the safe.

bank attack game contents
Contents of the game which include the safe, bank notes, gold bars and playing pieces.

As the game progresses, the pace picks up and the pressure mounts. If you make three mistakes you fail in your mission and have to start again. If you are successful the lid bursts open and 12 bars of gold are flung all over the place.

We all really enjoyed the game, the steadily increasing pace builds tension and evenually Athol said he couldn’t play anymore as the stress was getting to him! At his age you’d need to consider the risks of a heart attack before the bank is attacked.

The safe is finally cracked – Daddy has left the game.

The Positives of Bank Attack

I like that this is a collaborative game, all players have to work together in order to break the code.

Every member of our household enjoyed this game, including adults (even ones with sensitive hearts) and teenagers, both girls and boys.

It is fast paced and includes five levels of difficulty with a bonus level – which we haven’t reached yet – so there’s longevity in the game.

Generally I don’t go for games that require batteries but this one is a good laugh and involves a group of players, not just one.

I would recommend this as a fun family game for Christmas.

The Negatives of Bank Attack

The steadily increasing beeping noise from the electronic safe may be annoying ot other members of the household who are not playing the game.

It needs batteries.

Your husband may only survive one round, thankfully no heart attacks in this household, only defeat.

bank Attack vault aerial view
The Hacker’s view of the electronic safe

Game Specs of Bank Attack

  • Each round takes about 5 minutes to achieve a 20 million bank heist
  • Four different roles: Hacker, Explosives Expert, Lookout and Money Man (or woman!)
  • Game includes a battery operated electronic speaking safe with a removable lid, 8 game pieces consisting of various tools needed to perform a break in, 12 plastic bars to represent gold ingots, 20 money bills plus instructions.
  • Requires three AA batteries.
  • 2-4 players
  • Aged 7 and up
watch us play a tense round of this game!

Where to buy Bank Attack

You can order your own game online here on Amazon*.

For more information on the game visit megableu.

Note we were gifted this game in exchange for an honest review.

bank attack

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