Live action Beauty and the Beast 2017 Film Review

beauty and the beast 2017 film review

I have just returned home after watching director Bill Condon’s Beauty and the Beast with my three girls (8,10,14) and honestly I could go straight back and watch it all over again!  Love, a villain, loss and a happy ending, all woven into a gorgeous backdrop – Disney have nailed the ultimate fairytale recipe that guarantees a delight, and this one is with triple chocolate frosting.

It was such a treat seeing the 1991 Disney film come to life through an amazing interplay of actors and animation. And what a cast! I didn’t realise until the end that Emma Thompson, Ian McKellan, Stanley Tucci and Ewan McGregor played the most loved parts of all – the animated household objects.

My attention was absorbed by the detail and especially the clothes, they must have had such fun designing that whole film, but I would have loved to be in on the costumes. (Except, I have to admit I would have asked for Belle’s peasant dress to be pulled out of her knickers).

I cried, of course (I do confess I always get a little too close to the emotion) – just glad I could provide another teenage eye roll opportunity. I tried not to sing too loud during the familiar songs, and there were some new ones, which was a pleasant surprise. The scenes that captivated me the most was the opening ball – which is new to the story, and the classic ‘Be Our Guest’. The visuals were stunning throughout the film but in my opinion these two topped them all.

Just one thing though, there were some very young and upset kids in the audience today and I was glad mine were the ages they are now as the fright factor would have been too much for them. This film is definitely more adult in some of its themes than the 1991 version.

The overarching messages of choosing to love in spite of the cost and overcoming evil through redemptive love, brought hope and life to the story and are what left me with that warm fuzzy feeling in the end. I thought that was so true for our non-fairytale lives too. And besides that, I am a happy ending type of gal.

You can watch the trailer here.

Now, who wants to come and watch Despicable Me 3 with me? I CAN’T WAIT! The trailer is hilarious – as long as you have a very loud laugh, you’d be welcome.

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  1. Great to hear you enjoyed the film with your girls, the trailer looks great! I’ll have to wait to watch this with my girl (21 this year!) Hopefully it will still be on over Easter when I visit her in Adelaide.

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