Bermuda Pirates Board Game Review

Bermuda Pirates Board Game Review


Can you collect treasure in your pirate ship without being sucked into a Bermuda Triangle whirlpool and forfeiting your bounty? To win at the Bermuda Pirates board game, using your pirate ship, you need to be the first player to collect a jewel of each colour from the central island and bring them back to your own island. You may even pick up treasure lost at sea on your way to or from the island, just one catch, you might get sucked into a hidden whirlpool along the way! Here is our review of the Bermuda Pirates board game.

How to play Bermuda Pirates

Game all set up and ready to play.

Each player selects a different colour pirate ship and using only the tip of their finger, they push their ship from their own island towards the centre island in order to collect a jewel and bring it home again. the only problem is there are hidden whirlpools and at any moment your ship may be sucked in and your treasure lost. When this happens I normally let out a shriek.

If you have treasure in your ship it is flung out across the board and you have to return to your island empty handed. On their turn, other players may pick up the jewel you lost.

The island has four sides, one for each colour jewel, you have to make your way to all four sides of the island in order to collect all four colours, unless you are lucky and find one in the ocean.

Each player also has three beacons that can be used to mark offending whirlpools, or even to deceive opponents by pretending to mark whirlpools that aren’t actually there!

Pushing the pirate ship with the tip of your finger is not easy, especially as you have to avoid other islands in the ocean as well as the whirlpools.

What did we think?

Bermuda Pirates Board Game Review
Game board and 4 interchangeable underboards.

I am impressed with how clever and adaptable this game is. Set-up starts off by positioning four interchangeable underboards, each containing 5 hidden metal disks, beneath each quarter of the game board. This means that each game set-up is different as there is a huge variety of permutations in the way these four double sided boards can be placed. The hidden disks wreak havoc with your journey across the Bermuda seas for treasure as the pirate ships each contain a strong magnet which, when in contact with a metal disk, causes the ship to suddenly tip forwards and your jewel to be propelled across the game.

We decided that this game is lots of fun. Fia says it’s definitely not recommended for short-tempered people as it can be a bit frustrating! However, she usually wins. I must be highly strung because I find it very nerve wracking and anytime I hit a magnet I get such a fright, even if my ship is empty. Athol is the best at this game even though he has the biggest fingers, probably because he is so laid back.

It is a bit addictive and as the game play is relatively quick, you can easily keep coming back for another session.

Contents of the Bermuda Pirates Board Game

contents of bermuda pirates
Play pieces including 4 boats, 12 buoys or beacons, a blue centre piece and 24 jewels

Bermuda Pirates contains the following:

  • An instruction leaflet
  • I game board
  • 4 underboards
  • I centre piece to secure the underboards
  • 4 magnetic ships
  • 4 flags
  • 12 beacons or buoys
  • 24 jewels, 6 each of red, green, white and blue

The game pieces are sturdy and feel nice to play with, all except the flags which I can imagine would snap easily in the hands of younger players. However, these aren’t integral to the game play as they are mostly decorative. The game comes in a good strong box and is beautifully illustrated.

Specs of Bermuda Pirates Board Game

  • For 2-4 players
  • Aged 7 and up
  • Game play says 20 minutes on the box but can be as quick as 10 minutes with only 2 players.

Where to buy your own copy of Bermuda Pirates:

You can buy your own Bermuda Pirates game here(Please note this is an affiliate link, if you make a purchase I receive a tiny commission at no extra cost to you).

Disclaimer: We were sent a free Bermuda Pirates Game in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

You can watch a snippet of us playing Bermuda Pirates here on YouTube

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Bermuda Pirates at play.

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