Big World, Little Changes – a BlueRock Review

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How are you for setting New Year’s resolutions? I’m totally rubbish! Just like the other 92% of people who have given up or forgotten their resolutions by 15th January, I’ve realised there’s no point in setting unrealistic ginormous goals.

Like saving the entire planet.

It’s not as if I don’t think I need to make any changes in my life, I know there is plenty of room for improvement – all it takes is for the kids to be off school for a couple of weeks because of the Christmas break to demonstrate in an immediate way how imperfect our life is.

Do you ever take a look at your children and think to yourself that you’ve absolutely failed at parenting? Do you get those days where you’ve decided to go for a nice family day out somewhere but by the end of the day you are so completely fed up after all the bickering in the back seat of the car – or worse, at max volume around a table at some café – that you’ve vowed you’ll chain them to the TV for the rest of the hoidays and not take them anywhere nice?

Except you don’t really want to do that either. So you’re in a bit of a pickle.

We had one of those days yesterday again where I was reminded that I am an imperfect parent with imperfect kids. Those days make me feel as if all my huge efforts to do good is wasted.

But then this morning I watched them sit down and play a game together, they were polite and one of them even apologised at some point over some minor transgression. It was a relief to hear their happy interaction and know that they do actually like each other after all.

I am trying to teach them a few good lessons along the way, even though it’s not all that easy at times! I definitely find it easliest to make small changes and keep at them than introduce huge drastic life changing events.

One thing I know at least that I can do is brush my teeth and so can my kids (most of the time)!! I also know that, although the world is too huge and overwhelming to rescue, there are small areas in my life where I can take steps to improve our impact upon it and one of these is to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use.

Raven's Point beach at Curracloe with wooden posts
Raven’s Point beach at Curracloe, Wexford in the summer

We are so priviledged in Wexford to be in close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I really would love them to stay that way but I’ve become increasingly aware of how badly polluted our oceans are. Did you know that 99% of toothbrushes are manufactured out of plastic, that they can take up to 1000 years to degrade and that a billion toothbrushes are thrown away annually in the US alone?

Not only that but sea creatures and birds are actually eating our discarded toothbrushes and other small plastic items and feeding them to their young!

So when I was approached by BlueRock® to trial their bamboo toothbrushes I was keen to try them out. They sent us three lovely packs including the adult stocking filler box (contains 4 coloured bristled adult toothbrushes), the child stocking filler box (contains 4 coloured bristled child toothbrushes) and the original adut four pack subscription box. Each box costs £14.99 and is posted out in packaging made from sustainably managed forests.

One adult, one child and one original bamboo toothbrush
One brush from each of the packs

BlueRock toothbrushes are made from Mao bamboo which is the world’s fastest growing plant, is naturally antibacterial and is also compostable. To recycle your toothbrush you need to remove the bristles and the handle can be popped in your compost bin.

Since launching in 2017, BlueRock have sold over 10,000 bamboo toothbrushes, and have just launched their new subscription service to make it easier for busy households to buy them.

New features include:

  • Coloured Bristles – adds style but also ensures there’s no confusion
  • Simple new subscription service – straightforward and flexible, from a single user to a family of adults and kids
  • New BlueRock minis™ (Child bamboo toothbrushes)
  • Marine life conservation donation with every toothbrush sold
Two adult and three child toothbrushes with multicoloured bristles.
Contents of family subscription box

Their subscription service is such a good idea as there’s no need for you to go hunting in the shops for new toothbrushes when you need one as you will receive a box straight to your door, and the different coloured bristles mean they are easy for each person in the family to identify their own brush.

I love the feel of the bamboo handle in my mouth, it is warmer and softer than a plastic handle, we like the firmness of the bristles and we all agree that it is brilliant that they are recyleable. The one thing that we’ve discovered is you need to keep the bottom of your toothbrush mug clean and dry so that the tip of the handle doesn’t become discoloured. Nobody loves a manky bottomed toothbrush mug anyway!

Other features of these toothbrushes include: they are organic, vegan friendly, bristles are BPA free, Carbon neutral shipping, FSC-certified bamboo, PEFC-certified postal box, Plastic-free packaging and a 10p donation on every purchase to marine life.

To find out more about their different toothbrushes and subscription service, visit their website here at BlueRock.

So I am not writing down any resolutions this January on how I can single-handedly save our planet, or how I can transform my kids into perfect human beings. But because I do believe we have been given them, as well as this beautiful world to look after as best we can, I am planning on making consistent changes to do our small bit.

What about you, do you have some ideas on how you could adjust your lifestyle this year so that you could have a positive impact on our planet? Have you thought of any new ways to reduce plastic consumption in your household? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

*I was sent the BlueRockLiving toothbrushes in exchange for a review.*

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10 thoughts on “Big World, Little Changes – a BlueRock Review”

  1. Happy New Year, Liberty! I haven’t made resolutions in years as I just set myself up to fail! My kids are young adults/teens and I continue to feel like I am failing – it doesn’t get easier, it just changes. But you are so right about teaching our kids that we can all do our little bit and hopefully this will help change attitudes and preserve our world. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award and shared one of your posts on my regular “Monday Magic” feature – find details for the award here: It would be lovely if you join in, but don’t feel you have to – either is cool! Claire x

    1. Oh thanks so much Claire, I feel honoured to be nominated! I am so forgetful when it comes to joining in and commenting but will do my best to take a peek tomorrow! My friends with older children all say the same, that parenting never gets any easier, I suppose that’s because we still love them just the same so the risk of pain is always great. It’s always worth it though isn’t it!

  2. these toothbrushes are a neat way to get away from plastic products and I love the idea. They seem reasonably priced too. thanks for sharing a practical solution and not something stupid to “go green.”

  3. Small changes matter. Glad you’re doing what you can, as we all should, in whatever way we can. It’s the only world we have. Best take care of it! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours!

      1. Exactly! We each must do what we can, because we can’t expect others to do our share when we all share one blue marble hurtling through space with no other home for any of us to go to.

  4. They sure sound great, Liberty. I might even subscribe! Good luck with your resolutions – big and small, and all the best for 2019!

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