Black Friday – Avoiding the Crazy Chargers

buffalo in the wild

Me being a lone buffalo.

Black Friday – Avoiding the Crazy Chargers

This is post is sponsored by Superbalist.

Seriously guys, have you seen some of the crazy Black Friday stampede footage? It’s unreal how people charge over one another in their desperation to grab the latest bargains, just in case their entire life is ruined because they didn’t get that handbag at 20% of the original price.

Watching those videos of insane crowds pushing through the doors of supermarkets reminds me of wildlife programmes where the buffalo are stumbling along in a blind panic to get to that mysterious place, where ever that might be. Or like that tragic scene in the Lion King where the daddy lion is squished by the herd of stampeding wildebeest.

Buffalo and wildebeest aren’t very brainy looking but I’m sure I’ve seen a few that exercise more caution and sense than to go charging into shops because there’s a sale sign on the door.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain and there are definitely loads to be had when you shop wisely during the sales. If you need to replace an item that is on its last legs (for us there’s always something – at the moment it’s our dishwasher) then sales are a perfect time to look.

So here’s my EXTREMELY simple list of the pro’s and con’s of Black Friday:

Pros of Black Friday (AND Cyber Monday): 1. Amazingly great bargains!

Cons of Black Friday (and ditto): 1. Unamazingly GREAT crowds!!

You see, the problem is I hate crowded shops and malls so generally avoid them when the huge sales are on.

However, I’m stuck between the rock of a crowd and the hard horns of a dilemma. My friends have told me that I am competitive, but my Mum raised me to be polite and not to grab, so if there was someone beside me me eyeing up the last item that I also want, I’d be feeling too bad to grab it from under their noses while at the same time hating the disappointment of not having bagged it for myself!

Soooo, I’ve figured out how to work Black Friday (Nov 29th) and Cyber Monday (Dec 2) to my advantage, if I’m looking for something I need, I avoid the shops altogether by shopping online.

Apart from a boring old dishwasher, I’d love a coat and I’ll be adding these to my wish list, what do you think?

beige trench coat
I love this trench coat – such a classic style
blue double breasted coat
BUT I love this navy double breasted one too!
warm hooded parka
Maybe I should go for something warmer like this parka?
red tailored coat
Or something stylishly stunning like this red coat??

So this is how I intend to plan ahead for the annual event that seems to have taken the Western world by storm!

  1. First, seriously ask yourself, is there something you need to buy? It’s so easy to get swept long by the mayhem and crowd enthusiasm, only to end up spending way more than you had planned and tragically crush a few daddy lions in the process.
  2. Check your budget – how much you are willing to spend or can afford?
  3. Do research (online is often easiest) of prices and special deals on the items you plan to buy. For example, if you know the kids will need new school bags, then do a specific search for something like best school bags.
  4. Check where these products will be on sale.
  5. Check if the website has an app which you can download onto your phone.
  6. Create a wish list if the website is set up for that functionality.
  7. If necessary set a timer if you can’t create a wishlist or if stocks are low, to place an order as soon as the deal is available.
With four kids I’m always on the hunt for new school bags too.

If you live in South Africa or are planning to visit around the time of Black Friday or Cyber Monday you should seriously look into the special offers on the Superbalist website. They sell not only women’s wear but also men’s, children, beauty and homewear.

I have ordered items from Superbalist and I can’t fault them, their sales prices are brilliant so their Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices are sure to be even better than brilliant – no excessive chargers here!! 😀

Being online, Superbalist offers great value branded bargains and always has added promotional deals as well as reliable delivery. You can also collect from various depot points around the country and they have an app which you can download to your phone to make things a whole lot easier.

Get ready for Superbalist's Black Friday showdown

Maybe the worst part about a good sale is having to make a choice??

What are your thoughts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – positive or negative? 😀

2 thoughts on “Black Friday – Avoiding the Crazy Chargers”

  1. Musings of an Author's Heart

    I have never taken part in Black Friday. In fact, it was only a few years ago that I first heard about it. I know, I’m from the dark ages. Like you, I do not like crowded stores. Actually I don’t like shopping at all. I do it because I have to. Although I don’t mind shopping online at all. But there’s nothing I’m in need of or want (at least that I can afford), so it’s no problem for me to overlook it altogether. Sometimes I wonder with these big sales if they simply raise the regular price then add the sale and still make nearly as much money on items as they would normally. Am I being cynical? 🙂 But I will leave Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the shopaholics.

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