Baltimore Breeze bouquet by Bloom Magic

I review the Bloom Magic Flower Delivery Service

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Bloom Magic is a luxury flowers delivery company based in Ireland that promises fresh cut hand tied flowers and same day or next day delivery around Ireland and to the UK. This is my review of their service.

With one thing and another, I had recently been going through a rubbish couple of weeks – amongst other things I had been to two funerals. So when I had the opportunity to be sent some gorgeous flowers from the lovely ladies at Bloom Magic I was absolutely thrilled, and the timing of this gift couldn’t have been more ideal.

It’s hard to avoid the connection between flowers and loss though. When my father died 18 and a half years ago in South Africa I was sent so many bouquets of white lilies, there were no surfaces left in our house. I was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness of those who had sent them and realised how signficant it is receive a bouquet from friends and family who can’t be there or find it difficult to comfort you in words.

Now the smell of lilies leaves me feeling vaguely queasy so when Bloom Magic told me I would be sent the Baltimore Breeze Deluxe bouquet and I just asked that they avoid sending any white lilies in the bouquet and they were more than happy to oblige.

On the other hand flowers can have such a positive and delightful connotation too. The delivery man had a big smile on his face when he dropped them off. It must be a lovely job bringing a bit of happiness with you when you work in the flower industry! If I was mega rich, you can forget about the fancy clothes, shoes and handbags, I would have fresh flowers delivered to myself every week – without the smelly lilies!

The flowers

My Baltimore Breeze Deluxe bouquet arrived in a tall cardboard box that came up to the middle of my thigh, it was reassuring to see that it had been packaged securely and therefore transported with care. The flowers were wrapped in layers of cellophane and coloured paper and the ends of the stalks were bathed in a pool of water that was sealed in the bottom of the cellophane packaging. Two sachets of flower food were enclosed.

Baltimore Breeze bouquet by Bloom Magic

When I opened my package my first reaction was pure delight and I was a bit lost for words. I spent a few moments absorbing the visual delight of all the lovely colours and blooms. I was reassured to see that there were no white lilies. This bouquet does have a red variety of the calla lily (mango calla), which is one lily variety that I absolutely love – it originates in South Africa! The bouquets are all hand tied, mine came with a pretty ribbon to match the colours of the bouquet.

Personalised Card

There was a card enclosed with the Bloom Magic logo on the front and a lovely message addressed to me on the reverse.

bloom magic logo

Care Instructions

There were also care instructions enclosed in the box. The leaflet says that with proper care the bouquet will remain healthy for up to 2 weeks. I have had mine for one week now and the bouquet is still looking reasonably healthy. A few of the softer smaller flowers have started to wilt a bit but I only changed the water today, If I had been more obedient and followed the care instructions carefully and been changing the water every three days or so, they could be looking better. The mango calla lilies are still looking strong and beautiful.

The instruction leaflet I received says that I have a hatbox bouquet.

care instructions for flowers from Bloom magic

This is one of the types they have on their website and it comes with a hat box to arrange your flowers in. Sadly mine didn’t contain a hatbox, the florist must have popped the wrong instructions in. It’s funny how I felt disappointed by that, I had just received an enormous and stunning bunch of flowers and yet my heart yearned for what I was told I didn’t have! I do have a tall glass cylinder vase though so I used that instead.

Delivery Service

The website promises a same day delivery service in Dublin and next day to anywhere else in Ireland as well as Northern Ireland and the UK. My flowers arrived the day after the order was placed so they held true on their next day delivery promise to Wexford. I would have liked a call before the delivery man arrived just to make sure I was home but he arrived during the times I said I would be in.

You are warned that actual blooms in the bouquet you receive may vary as they use what ever is in season but the flowers will be similar in colour, texture and vibrancy. My bouquet doesn’t look identical to the one on the website but it is still gorgeous (please bear in mind my photography is not as professional as the Bloom Magic website and the purple flowers seem more blue in the photo than they are in real life). You can see the comparative images here:


I have to say, their website is attractive and very easy to use so it’s well set up from a user’s point of view. If you are needing to send flowers for a special occasion, have a look at the stunning range they offer here.

My Dad would have turned 72 next week, the generous man that he was he would most probably have bought me flowers for his own birthday! But amazingly I have this bouquet, the bold oranges and purples of which remind me of our childhood garden back in South Africa. I’ll be setting them in the centre of the table as I drink a toast in his memory on the night.

Baltimore Breeze bouquet by Bloom Magic

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