Blue Lagoon Family Board Game Review

cover of the Blue Lagoon board game

Blue Lagoon Family Board Game Review

{ad] We were sent Blue Lagoon for review purposes, here is our family experience playing the game. The first thing my children said when we opened the Blue Lagoon board game was: “It looks just like Moana!” It’s true, the illustrations are bright, cartoon-like and tropical, as the game is a set among the Paradise Islands-a fictional Polynesian archipelago nestled in a vivid blue sea lagoon.

The big difference between Blue Lagoon and the Moana movie, is you have to supply your own singing with this game! 😀

character tokens for Blue Lagoon Board Game
Meet the cute characters of Blue Lagoon!

How to Play Blue Lagoon:

Each player represents a tribe and the aim of the game is to explore, and then inhabit as many islands in the archipelago as possible. The game is played in two phases, the first is the exploration phase and the second is the expansion phase. You gain points by collecting as many resources and inhabiting as many islands as you can.

BUT you have to beware, the other tribes may get there first and block your progress!

On first glance, this game appears very easy to play, and it is! However, it is also extremely strategic and it’s not long before you realise that you need to have eyes all over the board to stay on top of the game!

My kids and I love playing this game – we have all managed to win at some point, from the youngest to the oldest. (Well not quite the oldest, Dad still hasn’t managed to beat the kids!)

Strategy Tip: If you build a route that crosses the board from one edge to the other as fast as possible, with all of your opponents on one side of your route, you can then claim ALL of the resources on your side as they will be blocked off from that side!

We would definitely recommend this game for children older than 8 years old as, although it is very easy to learn how to play, it requires concentration and the ability to watch what is happening in multiple directions.

It’s one of our favourite games yet!

Blue Lagoon Family Board Game at play pinterest pin

Contents of Blue Lagoon:

  • A folding game board
  • 1 scoring notepad
  • Instruction manual
  • 32 Resource tokens
  • 120 players discs (four sets of 30 discs)
  • 20 wooden huts in four colours
contents of Blue Lagoon board game

Specs of Blue Lagoon:

  • For 2-4 players
  • Aged 8 and up
  • Game play takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes (even longer in our case as we usually play two games back to back)
resources and huts
I love the look and feel of the play pieces in this game – they are made of wood.

Where to buy your own copy of the Blue Lagoon board game:

The current RRP for Blue Lagoon is £20.00 or €24, however, there may be specials on at the moment! You can buy your own Blue Lagoon board game here(Please note this is an affiliate link, if you make a purchase I receive a tiny commision at no extra cost to you).

Disclaimer: We were sent a free Blue Lagoon board game in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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