Bring the light into Halloween – Olantern Review

Bring the light into Halloween - Olantern Review

Bring the light into Halloween – Olantern Review


I heard an interesting story on the radio the other day about the origins of the Halloween pumpkin, it’s a long story that I might share in another post, but it explains that the intention was to bring fire, light and warmth into people’s homes as the winter months began to draw in (using a hollowed out turnip originally).

There is a side of Halloween that I am not a fan of, I don’t allow the kids to wear anything scary or evil looking, we do not watch horror movies or put freaky faces on our pumpkin.

We enjoy the fun stuff like dress up, visiting our neighbours or having friends over to consume abnormal amounts of sugar. Our pumpkin this year looks like a little home in need of some DIY – lol a bit like ours actually.

At least the pumpkin has a fancy stained glass window.

This has been a horrible year and I feel like the last thing people want at the moment are more scary reminders of our mortality or pictures of disgusting looking dead things. I have noticed that there are fewer Halloween decorations out in our neighbourhood than usual. As we are under lockdown again the kids won’t be allowed to meet up with friends on Halloween evening to collect treats from the neighbours.

I have been trying to think of fun ideas for the evening and as we are fortunate to have a garden filled with bushes and trees (as well as a woods across the road from our house) we are planning a family game of Stalk-the-Lantern after dark. (This is a South African scouting game, for more info on how to play visit the link).

I was recently sent a brilliant little lantern from Olight called the Olantern that will be ideal for this game as it is sturdy and durable while having a powerful beam.

Bring the light into Halloween - Olantern Review
The outline of the power button is illuminated when you move your hand across it.

What is an Olantern?

The Olantern is a cool little lantern that is ideal for camping or caravanning (which we won’t be doing this winter!) or any outdoors activities – we have used it to feed the rabbits and chickens or to open the gate in the evenings.

It is extremely useful in the event of a power cut indoors too – we had a colossal thunderstorm last week and lost power for half the night.

Olantern at minimum brightness
Bring the light into Halloween - Olantern Review
Olantern at maximum brightness

What I like about the Olantern

The lamp on this lantern when it is set to its maximum setting is extremely bright – I am so impressed by how blindingly powerful it is!

I love the look and feel of this little lamp too – it is robust and has a non slip rubber base. It has a nice weight, heavy enough to feel sturdy while not being too heavy to carry. The handle clips neatly against the side when not in use.

It has a clever motion sensitive feature on the power button so that the outline lights up when you move your hand over it, this makes it easy to find in the dark.

I also like that it comes with a rechargeable battery and an easy to attach magnetic recharging cable as we always seem to be short of batteries in our household.

The lantern comes protected in a strong box and is kept in place by a foam support to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

Features of the Olantern

Bring the light into Halloween - Olantern Review
Contents of the box include the lantern, two bulbs, a recharge cable, a cleaning cloth and instructions
  • 360 lumens at maximum brightness
  • 3 brightness levels so that the lantern can be used either indoors or outdoors (party/candlelight dinner/family gathering/camping)
  • 80 hours runtime when fully charged
  • Comes with a magnetic recharging cable and a rechargeable battery
  • Contains two interchangeable LED Bulbs: White light and Flaming, offers you a diverse lighting experience
  • All-around lantern with a steady 360-degree light distribution
  • Motion-sensitive battery indicators, easy to see in the dark and find the lantern when you need it
  • Also included: a handy little microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Comes in a choice three colours: moss green, wine red or basalt grey

Olantern Flash Halloween Light Sale

The Olantern is on sale right now for a limited time only with a 30% discount, for more information, pop on over to the Olight Website.

Other Olight Products

I recently write a review about the Olight headlamp too which has already been super handy walking after dark now that the evenings are longer. Click the link above to read more about the headlamp.

Please note I was sent this product for the purposes of a review, all opinions are my own. This blog post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information please read my full disclosure policy.

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