Family Food

Recipe ideas for feeding your family. May of these recipes are soo easy to make your kids could make them!

scoop of chocolate ice-cream

The easiest 3 ingredient ice-cream recipe

The easiest 3 ingredient ice-cream recipe Who knew that ice-cream could be this easy to make, with only three ingredients? If you are expecting guests over the following evening, and have planned to make a crumble or warm sponge dessert, you could literally whip this ice-cream up in minutes to… Read More »The easiest 3 ingredient ice-cream recipe

fruit and vegetables in boxes

Save money with less food waste at home

Save money with less food waste at home Ensuring we have minimal food waste in our home and thereby saving money is a big priority for me. We are a family of six, including two (nearly three) teenagers with adult appetites, living off one full time salary. The bottom line… Read More »Save money with less food waste at home

Afghan Cookie Recipe

Afghan Cookie Recipe This is one of my favourite home-made cookie recipes – because Afghans are really crisp and crumbly while at the same time also melt in the mouth. And I usually have the ingredients in the store cupboard so they can easily be made in cookie emergencies. (You… Read More »Afghan Cookie Recipe

glass dish containing a cheesecake

Mother-in-Law 3 Ingredient Cheesecake!

Mother-in-Law 3 Ingredient Cheesecake! I am one of those rare and lucky women in that I have a really lovely mother-in-law and we are extremely fond of each other! I acknowledge this is a priviledge. 🙂 However, we do differ in one big area and that is, she doesn’t love… Read More »Mother-in-Law 3 Ingredient Cheesecake!