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Save money with less food waste at home

Save money with less food waste at home Ensuring we have minimal food waste in our home and thereby saving money is a big priority for me. We are a family of six, including two (nearly three) teenagers with adult appetites, living off one full time salary. The bottom line… Read More »Save money with less food waste at home

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Meal Plan – a Week of Homemade Takeaways

Meal Plan – a Week of Homemade Takeaways

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Who DOESN’T love a great takeaway? Not the Brits! Apparently the average UK citizen buys a takeaway two to three times a week and the accumulative cost is in excess of £20,000 over a life time.

We are definitely not representative of the average UK citizen in this household (in fact I’m the only UK born citizen in this household). Takeaways are our birthday dinner treat which means, with six of us, we have them once every two months – such daring extravagance.

The good news is that it’s not all that difficult to make your own delicious ‘takeaway’ dinners at home, it’s way lighter on the waistline and the wallet, and you know that no weird red colours or dodgy meat was added (without you noticing). The only downside is the washing up but praise God for paper plates.

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Meal Plan – adapting carb free for the family

Meal Plan – adapting carb free for the family


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Because Athol (my husband) is on a carb free diet but the kids are not (I sort of am too), this week I’ve had to prepare separate dishes some nights. This has meant quite a bit of extra prep, at the time of the day when I have the least patience and energy. It’s much quicker and easier to boil a pot of pasta or rice to accompany a dish (ok for the kids but not for him) than to chop up and stir fry a medley of Mediterranean vegetables (great for him but ‘gross’ for the kids) and time consuming to have to do both!

It took me a few days to realise that I could outsource some of the less onerous cooking duties – Athol and the kids are willing chef assistants, provided I don’t have a Gordon Ramsey moment when things don’t go my way.  And apart from the fact that I actually love the veggies myself, it’s been good for the kids to have to try and eat things they wouldn’t normally pick for themselves. Cooking and prepping the food has taught them to appreciate and enjoy it too.

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Carb Free Week Meal Plan

Carb Free Week Meal Plan This week the kids have been home off school and Athol (my husband if you didn’t know) had some leave he needed to use up so he was also here. He offered to do the shopping AND the cooking this week so that it would… Read More »Carb Free Week Meal Plan

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Family Weekly Meal Plan

Family Meal Planning My mum is a fabulous cook and was an organised meal planner when we were growing up. At the beginning of each month she would get all her favourite cook books and the wall calendar down and set herself up at the kitchen table. She liked to… Read More »Family Weekly Meal Plan