Being a Mother of Four

This is where I pour out all my motherhood woes and joys. I have four kids and my eldest is eighteen so I reckon that means I have about 72 years of parenting experience?…

My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches Covid-19 is certainly no laughing matter and you would think this is not the time for comedy sketches. However, humankind is good at is rising above our circumstances and looking for humour to help us through the difficult times. In the middle of May I… Read More »My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

beach at Lake Michigan

My Summer Survival Strategy

My Summer Survival Strategy (with my kids!) It might seem like a strange thing to need to a summer survival strategy, but if you have kids, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. At the beginning of the summer holidays last year I wrote a post examining why I find the… Read More »My Summer Survival Strategy

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Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes Because of the slower pace of life these past three months of lockdown, and maybe also because of a need to comfort eat, (and possibly a sugar addiction) we have been baking up a storm! I have collected a number of recipe books through the… Read More »Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

How Did That Happen?

Now I am mother of an adult! Actually, her birthday was 3 weeks ago but I think I’m still reeling from the shock. Last night I was overcome by a sudden urge to call up my friends who already have grownup children to ask them how they transitioned from being… Read More »How Did That Happen?

Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review

Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review [Ad] We were kindly sent two samples of Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel for problem skin by FW Medical in order to take part in a product test for research purposes and to write a review. This post is a summary of the findings of the… Read More »Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review