Grief and Loss

My father died tragically and under traumatic circumstances in Johannesburg in 2000. Even more heartbreaking was the sudden death of my sister’s little boy the week before Christmas in 2016, I still can’t quite believe it and we will never ‘get over’ it.

family walk on the beach

Choosing Some Wise Y’s.

If you are feeling X because of X, then choose to do Y. Everything is a bit weird at the moment isn’t it? I’m sitting here mulling the past two weeks over in my head. Every now and then I have been feeling dizzy – as though the world has… Read More »Choosing Some Wise Y’s.

Just Enough Heartbreak Just Enough Grace

This past weekend two of my three little women and I went to see the Little Women film. I read the book a long time ago, long before real life and real sadness intruded into my experiences. It was long before I was a mother of children who have been… Read More »Just Enough Heartbreak Just Enough Grace


Stirring ashes for embers

Stirring ashes for embers On mourning the loss of a child There is one word that springs to mind as I recall the year that has past : ashes.  A thick choking blanket that quenched a bright spark. I haven’t written about some of my memories of this time last… Read More »Stirring ashes for embers