The thing I do for nobody else but me, until it’s done

Above: My flowerbed fantasy – Botanical Gardens, Nantes This is a post I’m writing for myself, but you’re welcome to read it. It’s possibly about gardening – which I’m not great at – but it could equally be about a book. All I had was a germ of an idea. I didn’t have a ‘story to […]

I have two days to finish the October 10k writing challenge!

This past month I have participated in a 10,000 word writing challenge but now there are only two days left and I have just under a thousand words words to write. So that’s grand then, except it’s midterm break which probably means the dialogue in my story over the next two days will be slightly garbled […]

In Her Shoes

“Caitlin, can I borrow your shoes lying here by the door?” “Ok Ma, but please don’t get out of the car when you drop me at the party. If my friends see you wearing my shoes I’ll just die.” “Do they go with my outfit?” Caitlin rolled her eyes, “LOL Ma, anything would go with […]

Forbidden Fruit

It was Tuesday – therapy day. Elle paused her 4×4 BMW at the end of the driveway and checked the rear view mirror to make sure the electric gates were closing behind her. While she waited for them to shut she studied her reflection in the visor, she lifted her supersized sunnies and briefly pouted […]

Of Johannesburg Dogs and Cupcakes

Beauty Sikelela opened her eyes at 5:58am. Twenty seven and a half years of having to wake at the same time every morning (except for Thursdays which was her day off) had taught her body to wake up before the alarm went off – probably better so with her angina problems. The bed complained as […]