The thing I do for nobody else but me, until it’s done

My flowerbed fantasy - botanical gardens, Nantes
My flowerbed fantasy – botanical gardens, Nantes

This is a post I’m writing for myself, but you’re welcome to read it. It’s possibly about gardening – which I’m not great at – but it could equally be about a book.

All I had was a germ of an idea. I didn’t have a ‘story to tell’ that they say is inside everybody, but rather just a notion. I took my little germ and planted it in the soil of some whimsical ambition and it has taken root. It appears to me that the shoots that are starting to come up have this way of growing all by themselves as I try and trim or feed the story with a combo of feel-good sunshine, watery tears of frustration and manure (detritus). It’s exciting how that happens, how you are surprised by the very words that come from your own fingers because they are unexpected and better than you imagined!

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I have two days to finish the October 10k writing challenge!

This past month I have participated in a 10,000 word writing challenge but now there are only two days left and I have just under a thousand words words to write. So that’s grand then, except it’s midterm break which probably means the dialogue in my story over the next two days will be slightly garbled and include sentences like, ‘stop annoooying meee’, and ‘mum mum mum mum’ and ‘when’s dinner’.

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Chapter Two -Arm wrestling with a novel, and life.

2017-07-06 17.24.23

I am reduced to drinking espresso, they are quicker to make. I am learning what it is to squeeze the necessary tasks of life into what I really want to be doing, ALL the TIME. I didn’t imagine that my head would be crammed and attention arrested so entirely with this book writing process. I have asked my husband to please let me know when I am abandoning him. My children are learning how to resolve their own conflict (badly).

I have spent a week plotting – from dialogue to denouements, I have developed character arcs and researched endlessly.

This chapter by chapter posting is unorthodox when you have absolutely no idea what will happen next yourself!

Click here if you’d like to take a peek.

From Blogging to Writing a Novel -slightly terrifying!

cover mock-up

Big breath in, I feel as if I am making myself extremely vulnerable by posting this, BUT, I have just taken a monumental step from posting on my blog to embarking on writing a novel (eek) and if you’d like to become a reader for me, please let me know.

Like all first babies it’s a bit of a guinea pig.

In the meantime you could take a peek at the the first chapter here on ChapterBuzz.

Thanks for taking the time and any positive criticism is welcome!!