On going Self Hosted on my Blog with SiteGround

A short story on my journey onto a self hosted site with SiteGround ~Affiliate post – my full disclosure policy can be found here ~ For almost 18 months I treated blogging as a hobby, a guilty pleasure! (Weird how I felt guilty about taking time out from house cleaning etc to write but it […]

The Worst Christmas Gift Guide – do NOT buy these for kids!

My Terrible Christmas Gift Guide of things you should NOT give to kids. ATTENTION ALL Aunties, Uncles, Grannies, Grandpas and New to Newish Parents! Here follows a guide to all those Christmas gifts our kids have been kindly given but we more seasoned parents wish they never had been. In compiling this list I consulted […]

It’s a Dog’s Life by Jeff Lucas

‘It’s a Dog’s Life – Finding the Profound in the Peculiar’ by Jeff Lucas A friend recently lent me ‘It’s a Dog’s Life – Finding the Profound in the Peculiar’ by Jeff Lucas (published by CWR, UK 2016) to read and I absolutely loved it. The blurb on the back says this: With his usual […]

Wonder Woman – 'little girl me' meets 'big girl me' at the cinema.

The more we talk about her, the more I realise that women of my generation (who watched TV between 1975 and 1979) are in love with Wonder Woman. So the making of this film (by a female director) has been timed to perfection, here we are little girls grown big, yearning for a big bit […]