The worst Christmas Gift Guide – do NOT buy these for kids!

My Christmas Gift Guide of things you maybe should NOT be giving to kids this year.

the worst Christmas Gift guide by LibertyonthelightersideATTENTION ALL Aunties, Uncles, Grannies, Grandpas and New to Newish Parents! Here follows a guide to all those Christmas gifts our kids have been kindly given but we more seasoned parents wish they never had been. In compiling this list I consulted a panel of experts (parents who have been there, done that and are smiling through gritted teeth).

In our household even Father Christmas has made some silly mistakes.

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Happy birthday Daddy, I miss you and love you.

Apparently today, 15th November, is ‘I love to write day’? No idea who, where, what or why that is, but the date is significant to me as it’s my Dad’s birthday – he would have turned 71. So in honour of the day, I’m going to write briefly about him.

Above is my recent sketch from a favourite photo of him taken on my wedding day in 1994, he is embracing me as I leave to go away on honeymoon (I didn’t include myself in the sketch as it’s the back of my head and big wedding hairdos are hard to draw). I love this photograph but it’s a bitter reminder of how much I have missed his hugs for the past seventeen years.

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‘broad bean’ and other edible body shapes…?

Or ‘My Button Keeps Popping off My Pants and other Sad Stories’

fruit and vegetables in boxes

I am fortunate to have been pretty much the same shape and size my whole adult life but now I have bumped into a bit of a mental hurdle and I’m literally clambering over it to the next dress size up. It hasn’t been a good dayyear trying to pretend my trousers still fit around my waist.

In talking about what you should not eat – ie dieting – has your body shape ever been compared to a piece of food? For example ‘apple’, ‘pear’, or if you’re VERY unusual, ‘inverted carrot’. (I made the last one up – it applies to the male physique). Continue reading ‘broad bean’ and other edible body shapes…?

10 beautiful things that make me grateful.

This post is inspired by two other bloggers who both recently wrote lists on gratitude and beauty. I think I’m meant to showcase some new products but as I have not received any freebies I’m not feeling the love need.

So instead my first impulse was to write about all my well used household cleaning equipment that is very pretty, I have some things a colourblind 1950’s housewife would be proud of, including but not limited to, flower cuffed washing up gloves (purchased for me by my husband) and three other dirt tackling devices: Continue reading 10 beautiful things that make me grateful.

Forget Keeping up with the Kardashians, the Joneses or Anybody else for that matter…

I am approaching that Middle-Aged crisis everyone warns you about. Actually forget about approaching, I’ve fully been immersed in it since I turned forty. The worst part is looking in the mirror every morning, there’s no denying it, I am fading faster than a polaroid. My laugh lines are competing with my neck wrinkles for attention.

Younger women and bloggers are flooding Instagram, YouTube and Facebook with beautifully glamourous shots and videos while I’m overusing filters to smooth out the lines and deleting about a gazillion selfies in disgust.

Am I too old or too ordinary to be a ‘You-Tuber’? Ought I to stick to peeling my potato tubers and forget about bright lights and stardom? My kids are devoted to a young attractive British couple who vlog on You-Tube and it seems that millions of other people watch them while they put on makeup, do DIY projects, go shopping and eat out. Then this couple, because they are cute, earn millions in advertising revenue through other people watching them explain why this product or that restaurant are so wonderful. Because they have said so, others too will buy that product or eat at that restaurant who will then in turn invite the couple back because they pull in the crowds.

I wonder, could I make a career the very same way, or at the very least eat out now and then? Could I grip the world with my fascinating exploits? Of grocery shopping and home dinners? I doubt it. I’m not in my 20’s and so I haven’t perfected the art of the selfie. I just don’t look so darned cute anymore with all my pesky wrinkles and stray grey hairs. But here, I AM always up for a challenge and a bit of a laugh so…nothing ventured etc… Continue reading Forget Keeping up with the Kardashians, the Joneses or Anybody else for that matter…