Family Travel

We’ve travelled with our four kids since they were born across Europe, the USA and South Africa. Living in Ireland we’ve been to France, Spain, Portugal (incl. Madeira) and Italy as well as returned to South Africa to visit family. We’ve been on planes, trains, boats and automobiles, we’ve been road-tripping, there isn’t a mode of transport we’re not willing to try! Here I share some of our experiences whether house swapping, camping or self catering.

Female figure standing looking over the view of the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa

Election Day in South Africa -Looking back after fifteen years in Ireland

This week marks the fifteen year anniversary of our arrival in Ireland with our two year old and my 5-month-big bump. In all these years we have been back to visit South Africa about nine times – we returned from our latest trip last week. This is the first trip… Read More »Election Day in South Africa -Looking back after fifteen years in Ireland

A long weekend in Venice – part three

A long weekend in Venice – part three If you missed my two previous posts about our long weekend in Venice you can read about them here: Day One is all about arriving, the logistics of getting there as well as half a day of seeing some of the popular… Read More »A long weekend in Venice – part three

view of Venice toward Piazza san marco

A Long Weekend trip to Venice Italy

In December we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a three night trip to Venice. I had been there once in January 1991 as a backpacker and only in my craziest imaginings would I have pictured myself walking back over those same bridges 28 years, one husband and four half-reared children later!