Cortex Challenge the Brain Party Game for sophisticated peeps

Cortex Challenge the Brain Party Game for sophisticated peeps

If you enjoy playing Dobble, you’ll love the Cortex Challenge Party Game – Cortex is like Dobble’s brainer and more sophisticated older sister. Like me in fact (irony intended obvs).

This fast paced game reveals how inept you are playing games with your children, as it stretches your brain with a variety of different challenges that range from memorising, to problem solving, from finding your way out of a maze to matching correctly. And all the while under pressure from trying to do this before your kids do!

Playing Cortex Challenge

The aim of Cortex is to be the first person to build your brain jigsaw puzzle, which consists of four pieces. If you win a challenge you get to pick up a piece of your brain.

The cards are layed face down on the table and the youngest starts the game. The first card is turned over and all players look at the card to try and figure out the answer. The first person to guess the answer places their hand over the card and if they are corrrect they get to keep it.

There are eight different types of challenges, these include memory, mazes, colour, co-ordination (I’m absolutely rubbish at this one and don’t even bother), duplicates, frequency, reasoning and touch.

Once you get two cards the same you are allowed to pick up a brain jigsaw piece.

What I love about Cortex

touch cards and brain pieces
touch cards and brain pieces
  1. I love the tactile element of one of the challenges – not many games include the sense of touch so it’s good to see this included.
  2. It’s cool how the different challenges suit each person in our family differently, while one person may be good at remembering (definitely not me) another could win the round on the shape sorting (oh yeah!).
  3. The game comes in a compact and sturdy box so it is portable and ideal for travel or taking to a friend’s house. Hence why it’s called a Brain PARTY game.
  4. I like the flexibility in the range of players, Cortex is suitable from 2 to 6 players so it’s great to have a game our whole family can play together (not that we often agree on what game to play – please don’t misunderstand our family).
different challenge card types
8 different challenge card types

Cortex Game Specs:

  • The game contains 90 cards (74 test cards, 6 touch challenge cards, 10 raised touch cards), 6 brain jigsaw puzzles (24 pieces).
  • Suitable for 2-6 players
  • Aged 8 and up
  • Each game takes about 15 minutes.

Buy your own Cortex Challenge Party Game

This game retails at €12.99 and you can buy your own copy here. (Please note this is an affiliate link, if you make a purchase I receive a tiny commission at no exra cost to you.)

a variety of different cards

We were gifted this game for review purposes.

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