Creative Gift Ideas for Teens and Older Children

paints, pencils and brushes

Creative Gift Ideas for Teens and Older Children

Do your children also love to make a mess? The positive word for this is being creative, I think, and I’m all for creativity! I don’t have a great love for cleaning though and to be perfectly honest, I’m a bit up-tight about mess.

However, research keeps reminding us how valuable hands-on experiences are for our childrens’ continued learning and development. And even more so nowadays when our young people are constantly being drawn to online activities.

I have compiled a list of ideas here below that we have used in our own family, which will engage your older children and teenager’s hands, and minds (and maybe even also teach them how to use a mop, bucket and cloth afterwards too – double bonus!!).

Drawing Set

Drawing is a very popular activity in our household, and not surprising really as ‘monkey see monkey do’! This has always been one of my favourite pastimes and it really is the simplest and most effective activity to connect with a child. You don’t even need to know how to draw, all you need is a piece of paper and a few pencils to engage with your child and have a bit of fun together by drawing silly monsters or fantasy maps.

However, if you or your child would love to learn how to draw, the best book for the job by far is the absolutely brilliant Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. These images below are sketches that Fia drew a few years ago on one of the art camps that I run in the summer, based on exercises in the book.

Self portraits by Fia, 8 years old
Self portraits by Fia Henwick aged 8

When buying drawing equipment for yourself or your child, you could either buy a set that has everything in it, or you could build a set yourself.

If you prefer to compile a set, I would suggest you need a set of drawing pencils ranging from H to 6B, a white eraser, a kneadable eraser (for rubbing out softer pencils), sketch pads, a craft knife to sharpen the pencils and a good sturdy box to store everything in.

And then an easel would be a lovely addition to the art supplies of any budding artist.

If you want to learn some drawing tips yourself, have a look at these other posts on my blog:

Sewing Kit

When Rebecca was off school for a couple of months with Glandular Fever, I taught her how to use my sewing machine. It was handy that it was during the run-up to Christmas, because she was able to make some Christmas gifts (including bunting for her little cousin’s bedroom).

I bought my sewing machine, a Singer, when I was 16 and it’s still going strong after all this time – over 30 years! My Mum also has one and so I wouldn’t recommend any other brand!

Singer makes a range of different machines, including a starter version. Mine is a heavy duty, non digital machine and is ideal for all household tasks. If you buy a sewing machine, I would also suggest you buy an assortment of accessories, haberdashery and fabrics to get going!

Baking Kit

My two youngest girls love to bake, which is wonderful as we all love to eat their experiments. They may make a bit of mess but the rewards are well worth it!

cupcakes and choc chip cookies
icing experiments and cupcakes or cookies galore

A couple of Christmasses ago I bought a large cake tin and filled it with proper baking supplies from a baking supply shop for Rebecca, who was 11 then. She feels very grown up using the proper equipment.

I chose a bright supply of measuring cups and spoons, a piping set, a cake tester, icing spatulas and pattern makers, pretty cup cake cases, decorative pastry cutter and a tiny chocolate grater and packaged them all in a large Christmas themed cake tin.

Tie Die Kit

I wrote about this amazing Fab Lab Designer Tie Die kit in my post about the range of gifts we received from Interplay but I have to mention it here as it really was a fabulous set, the clothes are still being worn and the colours are still vivid after a year of use.

contents of tye die kit excludes the t-shirts
contents of tye die kit (excludes the t-shirts)

This was a messy activity and we did it on a well covered table with plenty of kitchen paper to mop ups spills but it was very successful.

two t-shirts one with spiral pattern, one with stripes
We tried different dying techniques

The kit comes with four different colours and instructions on how to create different designs. We had plenty of dye left over so could have done more t-shirts (we did four).

two tie dyed tops
swirls small and big

We then went and bought another kit so that my eldest daugher could run this as a craft activity on a camp with 9 kids and reported that the 9 kids all loved the activity (and she also came home with spare dye!)

Really I couldn’t recommend this highly enough but you definitely need adult supervision and it takes up to 8 hours for the dye to set.

More hobbies and gift ideas for older children and teens

There is a wide range of creative hobbies that would suit older children and teenagers once you start thinking about it. For more ideas including photography, jewellery making, scrapbooking and music you could have a look at my Christmas gift guide for teen girls here and teen boys here.

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11 thoughts on “Creative Gift Ideas for Teens and Older Children”

  1. I have great memories of doing tie-dye as a child, but I’ve never attempted it with my kids (it’s not that I don’t like mess, it’s more that I don’t like cleaning! Haha). Thank you for sharing these messy ideas #blogcrush

  2. I despise slime! I seek it out and send it off with the rubbish! There, I confess. That being said, these are all wonderful gifts! Even the slimy one! I would go for tie-dye, baking and that swanky set of colored pencils. TY! #blogcrush xoxo

  3. What great gift ideas. I am lucky and my son doesn’t like slime, haha, even if he did I doubt I would let it in the house. That art set looks great!

  4. Noooo!!!! My kids would totally love the slime and make a mess of everything so I’ll stivk to the baking set since they love to make cookies and cupcakes.

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