Day Four: A Story in a Single Image


Oh to be there and not here
to be him and not me
To be suspended above
a great pool, to be free
of all that demands
my close scrutiny.

Somewhere warm, far away
perhaps close to the sea
To be there in a place
where I, an escapee
can savour the joys
of my own Liberty.

2 thoughts on “Day Four: A Story in a Single Image”

  1. I love your poem, well done. I’m using the same photo as you but not a poem – I’ve had to put the assignment on hold to concentrate for a job interview.

    1. !! GOOD LUCK !! Actually it was a job application that catapulted me back into writing. I didn’t get an interview and now I’m absolutely delighted. Hope the outcome from the interview goes well even if you don’t get the job!

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