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It’s a Dog’s Life by Jeff Lucas

‘It’s a Dog’s Life – Finding the Profound in the Peculiar’ by Jeff Lucas

A friend recently lent me ‘It’s a Dog’s Life – Finding the Profound in the Peculiar’ by Jeff Lucas (published by CWR, UK 2016) to read and I absolutely loved it.

The blurb on the back says this:

With his usual comic eloquence, Jeff takes a different view of some of his more peculiar moments, and discovers the even a dog in the back of a stranger’s car can teach us something deeply profound about life.

Join Jeff as he tells stories from his life that illustrate how God can redeem his mishaps and show him, and us, the brighter side of life.

I think my kind friend took one look at that blurb and thought ‘here’s another quirky Christian writer who laughs about ordinary stuff, I better show it to Liberty so she knows she’s not the only one’. She was right, I got so excited about the book I actually tweeted Jeff Lucas and even got a reply! (That’s the coolest thing about twitter IMHO, you can send messages to some of your author idols and they might even send a message back 🙂 ).

About the book

It is a short book, only 123 pages, so if you are not a great fan of reading this would be ideal for you. (I don’t know you though because you more than likely wouldn’t be reading this now). There are 28 short chapters and each chapter is a stand alone article, many of them rewritten from previously published articles in Premier Christianity Magazine.

Jeff covers many topics including church, grace, technology, social media prejudice, hypocrisy and the rubbish dump. His writing is approachable, light hearted and yet profound. You may smile your way through each chapter and come away with a nod of agreement and some food for the soul. This is a book you can pick up for a few moments each day or read all in one sitting and still come back to time and time again.

One final note, I ALSO e-mailed the publishers and now feel inspired to write a book so you can see I have really grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and left the dog alone to have a nap.

You could buy the book by clicking the image below.  Please note that this is a link to Amazon and as I am an affiliate I may earn a commission so that I can take my friend out for a cup of coffee to say thank you.

Cover image of t's a Dog's Life by Jeff LucasThis is my first book review.

The featured image at the top of this post is a sketch I did of our dog Jet in 2012. Our dogs really do have a good life.

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