Family Christmas Gift Guide

Family Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for a handy gift guide for each member of the family this Christmas? Here is a selection of different items that would appeal to a range of ages and tastes, I hope you find something that catches your eye!

*These items have been gifted to me for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links, full disclosure policy here.

Gifts for Adults, Teens and even Tweens:

Blue Tea Box

The Blue Tea Box is a luxury tea subscription service that allows you to select and order three different types of rare and single origin tea to be delivered through your letter box. This would make an ideal gift for someone who loves tea.

exterior of blue tea box, Family Christmas Gift Guide

These teas are all hand picked and ethically sourced and are packaged in a slender box that handily fits through a standard letterbox slot. The selection process on the website allows you to choose from various types of tea and to eliminate certain ingredients that you don’t want, for example caffeine, gluten or dairy. You can choose the frequency of delivery and cancel your subscription at any time.

tree teas inside blue tea box

My box contained the Duchess Earl Grey Black Tea, Rooibos Indian Chai and a Ginger Snap Infusion with tea tasting note cards for each tea. Because these teas are all loose leafed tea, they need to be strained from a teapot through a tea strainer. I find the whole process of waiting patiently for the tea to brew and then pouring and straining it to be a peaceful and calming ritual.

Sampling the Duchess Earl Grey

All three of my teas were so different – I particularly enjoyed the Duchess Earl Grey as it was not only fragrant and delicately flavoured, but the leaves were beautiful with added colour pops of lemon peel, rose and cornflower petals.

dried Duchess Earl Grey leaves in a cup
The pretty colours of the Duchess Earl Grey

I love how these teas are not only gourmet and delicious but by buying them you are supporting the local farmers who grow them as these teas have been directly sourced from the producers themselves.

The subscription includes three 45g bags of loose leaf tea (which is enough for around 54-108 cups of tea) and costs £12.99 per month.

Click here for more information.

The Wild Felter Jewellery and Gifts

If you haven’t heard of the Wild Felter yet you are missing out on some stunningly beautiful and unique hand made products made in a little cottage in the South of Ireland!

Ewe Sir Wooden brooch of black bird on pink coat lapel
Black Bird brooch

Using mainly undyed wool, artist Molly Ellis, creates gorgeous wild life pieces by a process of needle felting. These images are then captured in prints, cards, paper weights, clocks and even jewellery made from wood and silver.

She has a range of creatures depicted in her work under the categories of land, sea and air which includes whales, puffins, foxes, deer, hares, Irish birds and bees. Basically something to appeal to everyone.

If it’s too late to order for Christmas, order anyway because these would make a lovely gift for any time of the year!

You can find all of these items depicted here and other lovely gift ideas on her website: The Wild Felter

dangling bees earing
I absolutely love my ‘little bee’ earings

Equipp Teen Gifts

Teenagers are not easy to buy gifts for! If you are looking for some thoughtful gifts for your teens then you should seriously look at the Equipp range of products.

teenage time capsule
My Teenage Time Capsule tin

Each gift has been selected to help encourage positivity and build self-esteem in our young people. Proceeds from the sale of these gifts go towards supporting a teen mental health charity.

Examples of items that they have on their website include the Teenage Time Capsule, the Back Up of my Life journal, personalised cushions and sports themed mugs.

journal cover
A Back Up of my Life Journal

For more information on these items above visit my full review here or visit the Equipp website to view their other products.

Board Games for players aged 8 and up

We have been gifted some amazing games lately for review purposes. Each game is so different and fun in their own unique way and all of them would suit families with children aged 8 and over. For more infomation and full reviews on each, simply click on the name below:

  • Bank Attack – a collaborative fast paced game
  • Catan – strategic and leisurely game
  • Mysterium – collaborative mystery solving game
  • Ticket to Ride London – build bus routes through London before your opponents do
  • Dixit – tell stories using beautifully illustrated cards
  • Cortex – use your brain to solve problems

Gifts for Children under 10:

A Christmas Colouring Book

If you’re looking for a Christmas themed activity that would suit children up to 10 years old. this Christmas Colouring Book is an ideal colouring book. It contains 50 pages filled with reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus and families celebrating Christmas in their homes.

There are even scenes from the Nativity which ironically is an unusual find in Christmas themed items for children nowadays!

This book is produced by The Learning Bugs through Feel Happy Books and you can buy your own copy here.

Beaker Creatures Whirling Wave Reactor

Learning Resources have some brilliant toys and games for children that encourage learning through exploration of the the world around them. Earlier this year we had great fun playing with the clever little Stems flexible 3D toy.

The Whirling Wave Reactor consists of a 12 piece set containing 2 Beaker Creatures, one of which is a Limited Edition colour changing creature, the other one is hidden inside a mysterious pod.

Beaker Creatures consist of a collectable series of 65 tiny monsters from nine different planets. In the process of building up their own collection kids learn how to identify which ones they have by using the identification checklist cards included. Each creature has a little hole beneath it so that it can be popped onto the top of a pencil.

The 5 piece Whirling Wave Reactor beaker

The set also contains a reactor pod containing a mystery Beaker Creature, 2 classification cards, 2 science facts mini posters and an experiment guide.

contents of the Beaker creature Whirling Wave reactor
Contents of the box

The reactor pod looks similar to a bathbomb, you place this into the clear pod inside the beaker and fill the beaker with water. Turning the crank activates a bubbling action and reveals the hidden creature.

The Limited Edition creature and the classification cards

You can only use this pod once but replacement pods can be purchased. The beaker can also be used for other experiments, two of which are described in the experiment guide.

You can buy your own Whirling Wave Reactor here.

Have you tried any of these items? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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