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I will lift up my eyes…help!

I think I may have bought a website by mistake.

When you were little, did your friends call you a brain surgeon when you did something really clever? Well my Dad was a brain surgeon, he genuinely was a Smart Alec because his name was Alec. Right now I think I must have either been adopted or my dad was actually Winnie-the-Pooh because I’m frustrating myself with my own lack of brain. I think I may have bought a website.

I have this little blog for fun and everyone says in order to turn your blog into a business you need to have your own domain name and upgrade your site to a self hosted platform. That sort of makes sense.

So I asked some other bloggers for some advice and got seven different suggestions, all equally wise. After reading all the suggestions three times each I finally picked an option that sounded straightforward and started the process of buying a website, my objective being that I can migrate my existing blog across to a shiny new site called with all my old stuff still attached.

Within a nanosecond I felt dumb, because up pops a box asking me questions in Computergeekese like, is the site you are currently on a flibbertygibbet or flinkelpoppet portal site with c-something or other?

Because there were three options, I did like what every good student does in a multiple choice exam, you don’t leave anything blank, just guess the most likely answer. I thought that was a bit cleverer than doing nothing at all.

The next question caused me to break out in a hot flush.  I was asked for my username and password. Firstly everyone knows that you NEVER get into cars with strangers and you NEVER reveal intimate details like passwords. Secondly my little notebooky thing where I scribble all my passwords in tends to NEVER have the one I’m looking for. BUT I sort of guessed it must be important enough to trust these guys and I also guessed my password.

At least I got my e-mail correct because I was immediately sent an email with my receipt telling me how expensive my possible stupidity may be and another called Important Information and a third URGING me to VERIFY my domain name before I get in big trouble with the internet.

Actually, that’s a good point, who am I paying for my name? Who owns all the stuff anyway?

In frustration I took a break and went to do something I know I am good at. I took a shower, got out of my pjs and started laundry – I am a pro laundress. Then I make a cup of coffee, get a chocolate biscuit and thus fortified, armed and dangerous, I carefully clicked on the website that has most recently made acquaintance with my credit card.

Thankfully I notice I’m not entirely stupid because I picked a company that has a 24/7 helpline and I even managed to find a tab on the website where a helpful guy sent me a long message explaining my options. There’s also a 30 day refund policy so that I can buy some time and a little more brain power.

You see, this is the problem with starting anything new, especially when you have been doing the same old stuff for decades. The learning curve is steep and scary and at my stage in life, although I’ve still got a good deal of mileage left on the clock, I definitely prefer gentle inclines. I am taking so much information on board that my brain has started to complain a bit. So have my husband and children when I forget the very important things I said I would do half an hour ago. (Actually not the husband, he’s been entirely forgiving and only too delighted that I am embarking on this journey).

Truth be told I am very excited and grateful that I have a passion for a new possible career. I am one of those stay at home mums who had no idea how to get back to work because my industry had passed me by – my CV and portfolio are the avocado green of bathroom decor.

Now that I know I just want to write all the time I am valuing more and more the books I have read throughout my life and the encouragement I received from my parents to write when I was young. I am sad I can’t share my new-found joy with my Dad, especially as it was he who gave me my beloved Winnie-the Pooh compendium so that I could read bedtime stories to the grandchildren he would never meet.

It has taken me a few years to figure out what I’d like to do and it may take me another few years to figure out how to get there. But it’s OK, being a woman I know how to ask for directions and read maps. I’m also blonde which is always my excuse. Oh yes, and I’m gonna pray a bit!

5 thoughts on “Feeling a bit new-website stoopid”

  1. I once self-hosted on a particular web server only to find they claimed ownership of my content! Because of this I have been working to host mine from my personal server in my house. AAAUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Boy, is this becoming a lesson in computer science. But I am getting better at it and nobody but me has ownership of my content (until the internet pirates hack my server).

    Now that I probably scared the beans out of you, do NOT spazz too much. Self-hosting IS a better way to go when compared to using a “one-size-fits-all” site. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing your new site when it is up and running! 😃

      1. That is why they invented a customer support team staffed with 14 year old kids to help us old, out of touch, tech un-savy folks!

        Have fun with it! It is cool to see it all come together and work. And if you aren’t careful you just may learn something along the way.

  2. Very brave! I daren’t leave wordpress as my tech knowledge can be written on a pinhead! So I guess I’ll never make any money blogging. I’ll just content myself with writing my midlife poetry and hope that a publishing deal comes my way one day!! Hahahahaha! x

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