Give a Gift that Supports a Charity

Give a Gift that Supports a Charity

Love them or hate them, there are people who are already buying Christmas gifts in October! Maybe you’re one of them? 😀 If you give a gift that supports a charity, you can help support a worthy cause this Christmas while giving a gift at the same time.

Here are two ways you can help support a charity as you give a gift:

1. Tearfund Living Gifts – Give a gift that can change a life today.

tearfund ireland logo and image of a child holding tools, Give a Gift that Supports a Charity

Tearfund is a Christian organisation based in the UK and Ireland that is passionate about helping alleviate poverty around the world. It provides support for impoverished communities by providing programmes that help empower and equip local residents with the necessary skills to start small businesses.

Living Gifts is a project of Tearfund that provides you with the option to select from seven different gifts which when purchasing them, will help an individual, a family or a group of people in an impoverished community.

These seven gifts include:

  1. Refugee supply kit which will provide two families with two month’s supply of hygiene supplies
  2. Chickens and pigs consists of 2 pigs and 5 chickens which can be bred for income or food
  3. Emergency Supply Materials for a displaced family
  4. Emergency Supply Kit for a family after an emergency
  5. No Child Taken training and kit for the prevention of child trafficking
  6. Seeds of Hope includes seeds and training for a woman farmer in Uganda
  7. Water tank for an entire community to provide them with a clean water supply.

Once you have purchased your gift, you can notify the recipient that you have selected a gift on their behalf via a perssonalised email or printed card.

For more information and prices of TearFund’s living gifts, you can find their website here.

2. Equipp – Uplifting Teenage Gifts

Give a Gift that Supports a Charity

(These items were gifted to me for review purposes on my blog).

Equipp is a business set up by two mums who, between them, have five teenagers themselves. They sell uplifting and inspiring gifts specifically for this age group, and in the process help support a teenage mental health charity called Hector’s House.

Teenagers are not an easy age group to buy gifts for. Equipp has designed a range of fun and bright gifts that are intended to help encourage and uplift them.

A Back Up of my Life Memory Journal

journal cover, Give a Gift that Supports a Charity
interior of journal

This journal enables teenagers to record the significant moments of their teen years through various prompts set out in a cute and vibrant A5 notebook. The idea is to encourage them to write down their thoughts and memories so that they can look back on them in years to come.

Each month has a dedicated section with topics that include music, friendship, events, films and pages for sticking in photos.

I love the look as well as the feel of this book in my hands and the topics inside are fun and engaging. I have had feedback from a teenaged girl who has started writing in the journal and she says it has aready helped her to feel better after writing some of her thoughts down.

Journal Specs: A5 wiro bound journal. Cover made from 540 gsm fabric-embossed card; inside pages 120 gsm white paper. For more info and pricing, visit this page on their website.

My Teenage Time Capsule

My Teenage Time Capsule tin
Use the tin to store some of your favourite sayings, ticket stubs, photos and notes

The Time Capsule is a silver tin with a decorated lid that comes in a choice of two colours – orange/red or aqua. The intention is for teenagers to keep some of the significant items from this time in their lives in a safe place so that they can go back and enjoy reminiscing about them.

As our kids are spending more and more time online, many of their memories are captured visually but then very seldom printed out. This little tin acts as a reminder to print out a few photos, store precious concert tickets and other precious memorabilia.

Tin specs: Made from silver tinplate. Dimensions: 142 (L) x 102 (w) x 40 (h) mm. For more info and pricing, visit this page on their website.

inside the lid of the Time capsule
Personalise your tin

These are just two ways you can support a charity in giving a gift, have you come across any others? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Give a Gift that Supports a Charity”

  1. These are great ways to do gift-giving. Last year our Sunday School bought chickens (with the help of adults of course) for poor families. I forget now where exactly they went, but I think the children enjoyed it. They put up pictures for every chicken purchased. I imagine they just might do the same thing this year. It’s a great group project to get children to see the importance of giving to others rather than just receiving for themselves. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

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