filthy rich on the internet?

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Making money as a blogger is easy, just look at all the people who are.

And here are my SEVEN easy tips:

  1. You have to be able to write Tip lists
  2. Aaannnnd you need to write SHORT paragraphs with EPIC catchy wording. Writing good content may be the last thing you need to do, don’t forget lots of really good writers are very poor
  3. You have to work 25 hours a day and promote yourself brand on social media, follow and mention the whole world of nice people @IloveMandela and don’t forget those HASHTAGS. Or be an absolutely notorious person (like that one who did that thing that shocked us all and we all read about it), there are zero shades of grey when it comes to being popular.
  4. Throw in an image with text over it – in warm tones (have you ‘pinned’ mine yet??)
  5. MOST IMPORTANT: write links and categories on your blog, no matter what your topic/niche is, about HOW TO BLOG AND/OR MAKE MONEY. If you can then of course they can too.
  6. Make your blog niche but don’t make your niche so tiny you are the only one that fits in it and then link up to affiliate marketing –  this is the ULTIMATE key to your success. Good luck to that.
  7. Set up a mailing list and pester people constantly with emails because you have to make sure your following figures are over that magic number amount.
  8. End with a CALL TO ACTION: Oops did I say only 7 points? I’m constantly updating my data etc, you still need to read my very exclusive and popular guide : 701 steps to Internet Success. Don’t forget to click that link, like and follow, and have a lovely day! Love you !! πŸ˜€
show me the money


Now hands up, be honest lads, who actually tried to click that bogus link?

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