How to make a Simple Fabric Hammock

me in a hammock

How to make a Simple Fabric Hammock

Making a hammock out of fabric is incredibly easy, in this post I explain how you can make a simple fabric hammock in less than an hour. It’s so simple that my old hammock which is over 16 years old was made for me by Athol (my husband) and he can’t really even sew! To be fair he asked a friend of mine to do the sewing bits, he was mainly responsible for the design. But really all you need to be able to do is sew in a straight-ish line with a sewing machine.

The hammock that Athol gave me was a gift for the birthday I turned 21. Jokes, I was probably a year or 2, or possibly even 10, older than that. The point is the hammock is now old, the fabric is faded and worn out looking – much like its owner. It needs replacing before I fall through the middle of it. The cloth still feels robust enough, however, I don’t trust it as it has weathered a couple of Irish winters when I should have packed it way in the shed. A hammock does make a wonderful gift, to me it denotes relaxation, cool drinks and summer holidays.

One of the fun parts of maing a fabric hammock is choosing the pattern! I used this length of stunning fabric from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. This print, called the Modern Full Colourful Artistic Pattern, comes from their Freedom range (which is obviously so appropriate for my name too!) but it was really hard to choose as they have such a huge variety of beautiful designs. After browsing online for a while from the extensive range, I picked this one.

Freedom fabric by the Yorshire fabric shop

This printed velvet fabric is ideal for my project as it has a thick weave and soft feel which is great for upholstery, curtains, blinds and also a hammock making! I love the texture of this fabric, the plush finish makes me feel like I’m being hugged while I lie in the hammock.

To make a simple fabric hammock you need:

  1. 3m strong fabric at least 140cm wide.
  2. At least 2m nylon rope approx 1cm thick to create two loops so that you can hang the hammock. You may need additional rope, the length will depend on what you are hanging the hammock from. I used an additional 4m rope to secure my looped ends of rope to two branches.
  3. Sewing machine and thread.
  4. 2 x 10cm steel carabiners (*optional – see below)

How to make your hammock:

If the edges of your fabric has a selvage you won’t need to do anything with it, however, I decided to hem the long sides of the fabric to create a softer edge. To do this, make a 1cm hem all along both of the long edges and stitch to secure.

1cm hem along selvage, How to make a Simple Fabric Hammock

Measure 25cm from one short end of the fabric and fold over to the wrong side of the fabric. Fold a 5cm hem underneath. Pin in place to secure.

Stitch along the pinned edge. Then stitch another line parallel to and one cm above the first line to reinforce the stitching.

Double line of stitching

Repeat with the other end

Cut your rope in half to create two pieces, one for each end of the hammock and singe the ends of the rope to stop it from fraying.

Singed ends of nylon rope,

Insert the ropes through the folded and stitched ends of your fabric.

Tie the rope ends together in one big secure knot.

Hang your hammock somewhere where the kids can’t find you, pour yorself a drink, grab your book and climb inside it. (*If you need to add extra rope to secure your hammock to a couple of trees, you can use carabiners to join the rope to your looped ends on your hammock. This makes it easy to remove your hammock in the event of rain while leaving the long pieces of rope attached to the tree).

Me in the hammock, How to make a Simple Fabric Hammock

[I was gifted this fabric for the purposes of writing this post.]

How to make a Simple Fabric Hammock. Making a hammock out of fabric is incredibly easy, in this post I explain how you can make a simple fabric hammock in less than an hour.
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