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I ask my Kids some Questions about Friendship

In my previous interviews I discovered my kids would happily hang out on a deserted island with a group of celebrities I had never heard of and that my children had unexpected dreams for the future.

This time I have asked them all about their friendships. I wanted to include some questions about marriage and romance too but that was an epic fail with my teenagers. You’d think, having been a teenager myself once upon a distant time, that I should have expected this. The rolled eyes, the huge sighs and the flopped heads onto folded arms were the accompaniments to the responses they were willing to give me.

I sort of thought if I disguised the questions carefully by sliding them in between innocent ones about their mates, I would catch them out with a few of their secrets revealed. It turns out that having a casual chat to teenagers about romance is a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I need to change tactic – like learning mind reading – if I want to figure out what they REALLY think about the opposite sex.

My children are 161311 and 9 years old, I’ve colour coded their replies accordingly. Here are the questions they all did answer:

What was the name of your first best friend and how old were you?

  • Riley, 2 yrs old
  • Liam, 4 yrs old
  • Aoibheann, 0
  • Cara, 0

What age is appropriate for dating?

  • 16
  • 15
  • 16 or 17
  • 18

What age is appropriate for getting married?

  • Any age after 16
  • 20 and over
  • 20 and up
  • 26

How long should you be married before having kids?

  • Argh mum these are terrible questions
  • Depends, I don’t know…
  • *shrugs* a year?
  • 4 years

Is it better to have a few good friends or plenty of general friends?

  • A few good ones – definitely
  • A few good ones
  • A lot of general ones
  • A few good ones

What is the nicest thing your friends have ever done for you?

  • They threw a surprise party for me and got the whole class involved, it was the first party in my new school
  • We were at a match and one of my friends bought me a can of Pringle’s and a drink
  • When I was sad one day, one of my friends helped me and one of my friends invited me to Tayto Park
  • I was at a sleepover and I had no clean clothes, so my friend’s dad went to Tesco and bought me some. (much to my mortification)

What are good qualities in a friend?

  • Never make fun of you, encouraging and funny
  • Loyalty, humour, chemistry – personality match with yours
  • Kind personality, loving, not selfish, both enjoy the same things
  • Don’t laugh at you when you tell secrets, not bossy, laugh at your jokes

What do you like to do with your friends?

  • Go walking, playing football, shower in our swimming costumes (I’m not sure what to say here? If you had asked me what she liked to do, I would not in a million years have guessed this!)
  • Talk, play sport, play video games, cycle, swim, walk
  • Talk, dance, play games
  • Explore the woods, do hairstyles and make slime

What are some of the things that adults like to do with their friends?

  • Drink coffee and chat, go for walks, go to shows
  • Talk, watch a match, have a few pints
  • Chat, men like to watch rugby, go out to dinner
  • Chatting and laughing and drinking tea

If you could go anywhere on holidays with your best friends, where would you go?

  • South Africa to show them around
  • Japan, theme parks
  • To Paris and to cycle around France
  • South Africa because it’s hot and want to swim with dolphins and go on a safari with them

What do you want to do at your next party?

  • BBQ at home with ALL my friends
  • Not sure, will cross that bridge when we get there
  • Go on our boat to the beach and have a BBQ and swim
  • Take four friends to the ice skating rink followed by a hot chocolate

Which famous person do you think would make a good friend?

  • Tom Holland (lol, thought we’d dodged that bullet?? – see previous posts as mentioned above)
  • Jacksepticeye
  • Ariana Grande
  • Elle from the Ace Family (YouTubers – apparently she can’t say much as she’s only two but she’s really cute)

So you can see I gave up pretty quickly with the marriage theme but once again, I discovered things I never knew, about my kids and about celebrity culture. Also that they love to be interviewed, as long as I ask the right questions! I’ve asked for suggestions from them for the next interview…

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I ask my kids some questions about friendship

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15 thoughts on “I ask my Kids some Questions about Friendship”

  1. Ah this is a brilliant idea for a little blog post and I love their answer, so different to one another and from adults. Not sure what to say about getting married at 4 though? Hmmm.

  2. OMG Liberty another priceless ‘I ask my kids some questions’. Your kids sound like such beautiful, well rounded kids. I loved the slime and all their responses to nicest thing a friend has done and qualities in a friend. #BlogCrush

  3. I love this! I want to do an interview with my boys (well the four year old, Alex can’t talk yet!). I love their take on friendships, definitely better to have a few good friends then loads of not so good friends.xx #BlogCrush

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