I ask my kids some questions about what they think it’s like to be an adult

I ask my kids some questions about what they think it’s like to be an adult

Sometimes being an adult is extremely hard and no fun at all. We had a day this past weekend which was definitely one of those fun-free days.

It started at 5pm with a trip to the GP with one of our girls, followed by a little interlude of relative calm until 3am. But from 3am until 11pm the following evening we were squeezed through the parental wringer which is A&E and the peadiatric ward of a hospital.

There was absolutely zero amount of fun for the adults that day. (But to be fair there wasn’t a whole lot of fun for our little girl either).

The one thing I think we are all in agreement on, when we were children we couldn’t wait to be a grown-up because it looked as if grow-ups were having all the fun.

Little did we know.

Now that we are grown-up we look back at those carefree years with longing. Do you remember the endless school holidays and non-stop fun that we really used to have?

To be honest I can’t really remember. Maybe I was too busy longing to grow up myself to appreciate the real freedom from responsibility I actually had.

I also I can’t quite remember what I used to think when I was the age of my kids about what I imagined being an adult would be like. So I thought it would be interesting to hear from my kids what it is they are so excited about for their futures, what it is exactly that goes through the mind of a child.

Once again I sat down with each child individually so they couldn’t listen to or influence one another’s replies. My children are 16, 14, 12 and 9 years old, their answers are noted by age order, from oldest to youngest.

What is the best thing about being a grown-up?

  • No one tells you what to do at home
  • You make the decisions
  • The freedom – you get to go anywhere and do anything
  • You get to pick what job you want

What is the worst part?

  • Having loads of responsibilities
  • It’s all up to you
  • You don’t have someone to clean up after you and loved ones pass away more often
  • If you have kids you have to be in charge all the time, you have to think about romance and getting a job could be tricky

What is the difference between being an adult vs being a child?

  • Responsibility
  • A lot more freedom
  • When you are an adult, your parents don’t tell you what to do so much
  • You are a lot taller as an adult, and you have more responsibility

Which do you think is nicer to be?

  • It depends on your age, being a young child or a young adult is better than being an older child or an old adult
  • An adult, school is ‘depressing’
  • An adult, or actually being an 18 year old would be best
  • An adult because then you can drive and shop and do whatever you like

What’s the most important thing an adult needs to know?

  • Appreciate that you’re not in school
  • How to take care of themselves
  • Don’t stress and good things are going to happen
  • Know the laws

What do grown-ups like to do for fun?

  • Go for walks
  • Some might like to play airsoft, some like to read, it depends.
  • Men like to watch rugby, women like to go out for coffee
  • Men drink beer and talk, women drink tea and talk

How do grown-ups make friends?

  • They meet in different places like at the school gate or book club
  • At work or activities
  • At toddler group, through school or online
  • By talking to them

How much money do they need every month?

  • €3000
  • Depends on their lifestyle but you could easily get by on €1000 per month
  • Do you mean a 30 day or 31 day month? (lol) about €600
  • €640

What do adults do if they don’t like their work?

  • Quit or complain
  • They quit if they can – lol, otherwise they have to do it
  • Go for an interview
  • Quit or get fired on purpose

What are the biggest responsibilities adults have?

  • Their children
  • To provide an income, pay bills and taxes, take care of yourself
  • Taking care of themselves, like money-wise
  • To not be careless

So what about you, do you think we have more fun as adults, or are we too busy BEING adults to notice the fun?

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18 thoughts on “I ask my kids some questions about what they think it’s like to be an adult”

  1. Yes of course we wanted to be older!! I don’t now though. And all of the little tweens are exactly the same. Interested to see that you clearly have a blowout when there are 31 days in a month!!! Oh how funny. And which one of you made yourself get fired??! Wonderful as always. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond

  2. I hope your daughter is well now Liberty. I love these series, they are always so revealing. I was struck by the very exact amounts of money that adults apparently need each month. I wonder where those figures came from! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

  3. Liberty it is always fun to read what your children have to say. I particularly like their thoughts on how the responsibilities adults have and what they do to have fun! Clearly you drink a lot of coffee and tea Liberty! Thanks for sharing. #TweensTeensBeyond

  4. Kate 🍷 (@TheMumConundrum)

    I love this post! Your kids are by turn wise, insightful and hilarious. Thanks for sharing it with #ItsOK xxx

  5. The worst thing about being an adult is the tiredness! I’d love for someone ask me if I’d like to go for a nap, then when I wake up praise me for a job well done. Toddlers are living the best life #itsok

  6. These posts are my favourite! I definitely don’t enjoy being an adult and would love to be a kid again. However, I probably wanted to grow up quickly, too, when I was younger, so it seems we can’t really win.

    I loved the responses to the most important things adults need to know – it’s so fascinating that kids understand the importance of looking after ourselves and not getting stressed out but we all forget it! Thanks for sharing.

    1. So true Ruth, kids tend to be kinder to themselves than adults are a lot of the time. On the other hand they are pretty self absorbed too. I find that one of the trickier parts of parenting is teaching them empathy for others without dismissing their own feelings or hurt.

  7. I love that series of yours! And your kids — oh, goodness me — they are wise little tidbits, aren’t they? I do adore the “how do you make friends” – “By talking to them” (!!) Yep. Works in preschool. Still works in adult-land. Also, the “men drink beer and talk, women drink tea and talk” … A tad stereotypical, but hey, we gals are responsible (for many women, the beer drinking and talking might well happen, but after the kids are asleep … because while they’re awake … well, we adult women — and many men, to be fair — gotta be RESPONSIBLE!) 🙂
    In any event, this is priceless!

    Sounds like you are raising them to be thoughtful, reflective, and for their respective ages, grounded without losing some of the wistful-child-eye. Good for ya!
    Na’ama (the not quite adult, I’m pretty sure about that … ;))

    1. Thank you once again Na’ama for your lovely comments. Children certainly do have a very refreshing and sometimes insightful way of viewing the world. Their comments about when a job becomes difficult certainly caused me to pause and opened up a conversation about stickability!! 😁

      1. Yep. Always a teaching moment, isn’t it? … Though, there is also truth in — when possible — not staying in a workplace where one is not or cannot find a way to be happy. 🙂

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