This past month I have participated in a 10,000 word writing challenge but now there are only two days left and I have just under a thousand words words to write. So that’s grand then, except it’s midterm break which probably means the dialogue in my story over the next two days will be slightly garbled and include sentences like, ‘stop annoooying meee’, and ‘mum mum mum mum’ and ‘when’s dinner’.

This is the second time I’ve joined in the, 10k writing challenge. The first was in March of this year when I woke up one morning and thought ‘what the heck, I’ll write a novel, how hard can it be?’ I have heard that apparently we all have a story inside of us, well I don’t think I do because I’m just making mine up as I go along. It’s kind of exciting because it means that I’m just as surprised by what happens next as you would be reading it. For example, in my latest chapter (chapter 14) the protagonist goes out for pizza with her best friend and the bloke she fancies, bumps into her ex and ends up giving him her new phone number even though she hates his guts as he jilted her at the altar. (I didn’t see that one coming, and I’m not even writing a romance!)

The story is set in Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park and is about a magazine journalist, a game-ranger-turned-hijacker and how their lives intersect through a tragedy.

You can have a sneak-peak by clicking on the link above of what I’ve written so far and ‘BUZZ’ me which earns me gold stars 🙂 (that would be nice of you!) You can even tell me what you think but please be gentle and bear in mind that it’s only the very first draft so filled with mistakes and bad writing.

What have I learnt?

  1. There are two types of novel writers, the plotters and the pantsers (those who fly by the seat of them). I am a very loose plotting pantser. I have vague plans but prefer to take the story as it arrives in my head, one chapter at a time. I may come to regret this and I will no doubt be editing several drafts.
  2. I have made friends with some fancy terms like protagonist, antagonist, character arcs, climax, resolution, third wall, foreshadowing and other ones I can’t remember now.
  3. Being competitive counts in my favour, I am more likely to write if I have an incentive – even if it’s only a gold star I can’t actually stick onto anything – so entering a challenge is a good thing for me in order to actually get anything done.
  4. I work well with deadlines, I have some deep down fear of getting into trouble if I don’t finish the job so I will not drop out.
  5. It is possible to write 1000 words in an hour in my car while I am waiting in the carpark while one of my children does hip-hop or another one is at rehearsals etc – in fact these sneaky extra moments of writing are very satisfying and productive when there’s no wifi to distract me.
  6. I have never written this much before in my life so that’s something to be proud of at least!
  7. Writing a book IS hard.

I’m sorry that the month is coming to an end as it means the next bit of my book will be written very slowly again but by now I have gone far enough to want to keep going, just to see how it all ends. It’s highly possible that the ending I have in my head is not the one that will actually happen.

Go and have a look at the ChapterBuzz site, you may find a new author or decide you’d like to write a book too!


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