I Interview My ‘Quaranteens’ and ‘Quarantween’ about our Current Situation.

I Interview My 'Quaranteens' and 'Quaranteen' about our current situation

I have four kids aged 17,15,13 and 11, and I was curious to hear what was going through their minds regarding our current situation during this lockdown due to Covid-19. I ran a similar interview series on my blog a while back and we all enjoyed the process so much that I have decided to start a new series. They like being interviewed as I spend a bit of time with each one on their own, and I find their answers so interesting as they give me insight into what they are really thinking and feeling.

We are undoubtedly going through a time that is breaking new ground for us all, however, as parents we may have a very different perspective on our way of life dealing with isolation to what our children have. I wanted to ask these questions just to find that out.

Perhaps you would like to try asking your kids some of these questions too just to find out how they are feeling.

The answers below are numbered according to their ages 1=17 year old, 2=15 year old, 3=13 year old, 4=11 year old.

I have four kids (3 teens) and I was curious to hear what was going through their minds regarding our current situation so I conducted an interview with each of them.

What does Covid-19 stand for?

  1. Corona Virus Disaster? 2019 (not accurate but a good substitute!)
  2. Corona Virus Disease 2019 but it’s not a disease its a virus. (sure, you can argue this with the WHO).
  3. Corona Virus Disease 2019
  4. Corona Virus Disease 2019

What have you been feeling through this time of lockdown?

  1. Overhwlemed, trapped, stuck. I was fine at the start but now it feels like there is no end.
  2. Relaxed because we have a lot of free time.
  3. Impatient for this to end, I want to see my friends. Been feeling creative and better about myself from going on walks and making healthier choices about food. Pretty relaxed to be honest.
  4. Bored, housebound and lazy.

What new hobbies or skill have you picked up?

  1. I have learned how to do kicky-uppies, I can run further, baking and yoga.
  2. Learning more guitar and coding. I learned how to make dumplings.
  3. I’ve been learning the ukulele, improving my cooking and baking.
  4. Learning to play the piano, enjoying on going on walks in the forest and bike rides.

Do you like homeschooling and why or why not?

  1. Yes, it’s more relaxing and doesn’t take up the whole entire day. I don’t have to make my lunch the night before.
  2. Yes because I don’t have to go to school and get up so early.
  3. I don’t know, I do and I don’t. I like the way I get my work doen at my own pace but I miss my friends
  4. No because I like interacting with my friends. It’s boring at home with your family every single day, although I love my family.

What do you miss most about school?

  1. Friends.
  2. My friends.
  3. Friends and sense of community.
  4. Friends.

How are you keeping in touch with friends?

  1. Snapchat, Facetime and letters
  2. Snapchat
  3. Snapchat, Facetime and whatsApp
  4. Snapchat, Facetime and letters

If you were the leader of our country Ireland, what would you do differently?

  1. I’d do predicted grades for Leaving Certificate students.
  2. Nothing.
  3. I wouldn’t change anything.
  4. I would give our family a mansion.

What will be better after all of this?

  1. The environment will be better with less carbon emissions. People are seeing nature more by being outside. A lot of things will grow.
  2. The environment.
  3. The environment, aparently global warming is going down.
  4. A lot less pollution. Less kidnapping and robbing because we can’t get out of our homes

What will be worse?

  1. People will have died. We don’t know the effects on education next year when I go into my final school year. Jobs and businesses will be affected and there could be a recession.
  2. The economy, but who knows?
  3. Our schooling will be behind.
  4. The population will have gone down.

How have you changed?

  1. I am working out and eating healthier. I am nicer to my siblings.
  2. I have not, or have I? I am taller.
  3. I have learnt to occupy myself way more and I am doing more exercise.
  4. I got more tidy and more fit.

What special memories do you have of this time?

  1. Going into the woods, doing the daily word challenge on our extended family WhatsApp group, sleeping on the floor.
  2. Doing online school, going for walks and cycles, making s’mores on a campfire.
  3. Going on walks with the family and dogs. Facetiming my friends, us siblings have a closer relationship, planting sunflowers and beans.
  4. Easter was fun because of the egg hunt and we made chocolate nests and brownies.

My Observations

It is interesting how my children have different responses to being at home but they are in agreement over missing their friends. One of the big benefits I have seen is they definitely enjoy each other’s company a lot more. I suppose they have needed each other more now that they can’t see their peers. They have come up with a few collaborative projects like spending most of the 2 week Easter break all sleeping on the floor of one room, apparently they had heard that sleeping on the floor is better for your circulation and your posture! They have been in the forest across the road from our home more than usual and built a proper crossing over the stream with stepping stones and a hand rail. They have been baking and cooking together.

They definitely have mixed feelings about being homeschooled, some positive experiences, but overall, being isolated isn’t their ideal life style.

They have helped me so much by taking turns to cook the dinners and doing various chores during the day. Although I have felt frustrated and some times upset over how the world is at this time, I feel comfort by being at home and I don’t want to return to the crazy hectic way of life we had before. This period of isolation has taught me that we can work better as a family if we are not rushing past each other from one day to the next but rather by spending time working on projects or having fun together. However, we are looking forward to the days when we can have friends and family to visit and meet up with them out and about again.

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4 thoughts on “I Interview My ‘Quaranteens’ and ‘Quarantween’ about our Current Situation.”

  1. What a great idea – thank you for sharing. I think I will try this with my teen and tween – it will be interesting to see how their thoughts compare.

  2. That was a great idea, Liberty. And they gave some interesting answers. I enjoyed reading their viewpoints. Thanks for sharing.

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