standing by the sea

Illustrating poetry for the ‘S-Mum’

Illustrating poetry for the ‘S-Mum’

My blog has been mostly all writing with very little illustration but working on a little collaboration with another blogger can bring out some new ideas and forge new friendships, both fabulous things to do! So, here am I, down in Wexford, the sunny South East of Ireland connecting up with the lovely Maria, The S-Mum, blogger extraordinaire from Donegal in the North Western corner of this lovely island.

If you’re a blogger based in Ireland or a mammy living in Donegal I’m sure you have already heard of The S-Mum blog. I first came across her a year and a half ago when I noticed she was shortlisted for an award, so I had a peak at her blog and sort of fell in love with it. She calls it the superbly honest blog of a thoroughly Modern Mammy and that’s exactly what it is! She has a playful way of writing candidly about life with her two little girls and hubby. Her dialogue is hilariously spot on – she’s one of the few writers who has given me some of those real laugh out loud moments.

Inspired by her recent poem I drew a few pictures and asked her whether she’d like them, she did.

Click here to read her poem, titled I am Some Time, Sometimes Mum you’d need to read it for the story behind the pictures to make sense.

And here are my three illustrations to accompany her words of wisdom:

washing up while little girls swings outside
Her kitchen’s not that bad…
hugging the elderly relative
You’ll never regret hugging your loved ones too many times.
standing by the sea
Helloooo other bloggers out there!
If you’d like to work with me too, you can contact me via the form below.

For my illustrations I use Caran D’ache Aquarelle coloured pencils which are soft to work with, come in beautiful versatile hues and easily convert to water colour using a wet paint brush applied either on the pencil tip or directly onto the image. I have had this set for 20+ years and I love them dearly – if I was a Pharaoh, I’d ask for them to be buried with me under my pyramid! If you’d like a buy a set online you will find a link in the side bar of my blog.

Set of 80 Caran D'Ache coloured pencils
Caran D’Ache set of 80

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22 thoughts on “Illustrating poetry for the ‘S-Mum’

  1. Oh my word you have a wonderful talent!
    I will keep you in mind for a project I have in mind later!

  2. These illustrations are beautiful – really captivating and moving. I think I had some pencils like that as a teenager, I’d forgotten all about them.
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  3. Oh wow your illustrations are beautiful! I write al ot of fiction and some poetry on my blog and always struggle for images for them! #blogcrush

  4. Your drawings are fab! I love them and I would say I’m deffo that woman stood at the sink lol. I love the green countryside of Ireland (being irish myself) and have been lucky to have visited Wexford in years gone by. Look forward to more of your illustrations.

  5. This is great!! I can hardly hold a coloured pencil without the results looking like a 5 year old has attempted to fill in a space with the hand they don’t normally write with! More please!

  6. You have a real talent there, your illustrations are delightful. I hope you find more motivation very soon, I’d love to see more of your work.

  7. What a lovely way to collaborate with a fellow blogger! I cannot draw at all – my brother got all the art-y genes, unfortunately! Haha. But these pictures are lovely! #blogcrush

    1. Glad you like them. 😊 I think anyone can draw, I’m sure you must have seen the very famous stick figure picture drawings by another blogger who has gin in her name!! Like learning to ride a bike it takes a few basic skills to learn the art.

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