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Ireland can be a Perfect Place for a Staycation #ad

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“People often travel to faraway places searching for the amazing sights the world has to offer. However, it is easy to forget that some of the most interesting things can be found right on our doorstep. Ireland is a spectacular place with amazing history, culture, music, food; all the reasons we might choose to jet off to a different country hundreds of miles away. It was even ranked by TripAdvisor as the fourth best place in the world for travel experiences, higher than the likes of Australia, Portugal and the United States.

Travelling abroad can be expensive when you have children in school and you are limited to booking trips outside of the term times. The price of flights alone can almost treble as soon as the kids are off school. It can make booking to take the whole family away almost impossible for a lot of people. Planning a road trip around Ireland, exploring some of what your own country has to offer, can therefore be a great solution. You can appreciate the beautiful scenery and experience the amazing attractions you might otherwise ignore because they are so close to home. And it might just make you fall in love with your own country a little bit more in the process.

Chill Insurance surveyed almost 1,000 Irish men and women about their favourite family destinations in the country. Ireland offers a lot of inspiration for fun-filled experiences you can do on a budget with the whole family. The top three attractions according to their respondents were the variety of animals at Dublin Zoo, the Northern Hemisphere’s largest stalactites at Doolin Cave and an island hop around the Aran Islands situated off the coast of Galway Bay. They may be based on opposite coasts, but it could make for a great opportunity to plan a road trip and witness some of the scenery Ireland has to offer along the way.

It proves that you don’t always have to spend a small fortune jaunting off to another country; Ireland itself has so much to offer families who are looking to save money by favouring a ‘staycation’ the next time half term rolls around. No matter what kind of attractions you are looking for, Ireland has it right there on your doorstep. All you need is a full tank of petrol to discover fine scenery, history, experiences and culture.”

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