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To all my lovely WordPress friends and those amazing people who have signed up to follow my blog via e-mail, I just want to say a huge thank you. I have spent some time updating and transferring my site on to SiteGround and changed my template so it all looks a bit different. I still have lots to do but mainly I wanted to thank you because it’s all your support and encouragement that has motivated me to make the change.

I am working on lots of different projects at the same time now so this month will be even busier than the last one – good busy though.

I would like to get around to writing a post to share with fellow bloggers some of the things that I have learnt about moving my blog across to a self hosted site – there have been some bad moments in between the great ones but I am mostly a bit proud of myself for doing something so new for me. Here is a short post on the move itself and why I picked SiteGround as a host.

I have signed up to the ChapterBuzz 10k word challenge again this month with What Inspires Your Writing (if I didn’t I fear I will never make any progress on my book. I have never written one so I think it’s not possible to write one but there’s a piece of me that is so competitive, it won’t allow me to give up).

I have to put together a synopsis for another manuscript.

I have to feed the children and husband again this month.

I don’t have to do housework but it’s a bad idea to not to.

I have to go to sleep now.

Good night and thanks again. xx

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Or click on the badge below to read what I have written so far, I’m number two on the charts this week!!

8 thoughts on “Just a quick Hello and Update”

  1. GO GIRL!! A self-hosted site? Wow. Impressive. I’ve at least gotten beyond where to turn the computer on.(And sometimes still accidentally cover the microphone when my daughter calls from Norway….) Nice site!

    1. Thanks Dawn, time will tell whether it was worth it or not but I am glad I’ve taken the leap. Ye Olde brain cells are being stretched beyond capacity but they say that’s important when one starts to slowly approach a certain age in life 😀

  2. OMG Lib, you totally snuck up on me!!!! That number one spot tastes sooo good, though it doesn’t so much feed the husband or kids. I hope you grab it this month!!!! CHEERS!

    1. I know and it has taken me totally by surprise too. Thanks you are very gracious, and I think the only way you ever make any money as a writer is by selling your soul to Hollywood 🙂

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