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404040 Plan Niki Wibrow

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Once upon a time, in a vast city in a land far far away, there was a young woman who would awaken before the dawn and head off to the great gym where all the other young ones would gather. They would spend an hour jumping up and down and side to side to the rhythm of the latest top 100. They would do this several times a week, before heading off in their cars to their careers and (mostly) self absorbed life styles.

There would be young men in this gym too, not often jumping about like the women, but more commonly performing other strengthening movements on cumbersome pieces of machinery off to one side.

Here is a brief video that is slightly reminiscent of those days: (I wish to warn you, however, there may be some scenes that sensitive viewers would find disturbing).

Now let me ask you, what exactly is wrong about that video above? Besides the obvious dubious hip thrusts and questionable taste in 80’s gym attire? Yes! It’s that all those people at that gym are ALREADY FIT and not a single person over the age of 29! In actual fact, that age group usually looks great with little effort anyway. It’s when you start to advance in years, and girth, that exercise becomes slightly more urgent in order to look half decent.

So, back to our wee tale.

Fast forward a number of years and one of the maidens has hit her mid forties, she has had four children and has let things go a little around the middle. She no longer likes to leap around the gym until she is dripping with sweat because the footless tights and skimpy leotard no longer cut a becoming profile. In fact, she took a photo this evening and she would forgive you for asking her when her fifth child is due.

This mummy dresses to hide her swell tummy and she tries to pull it in when she’s in public. She thankfully has never had a big struggle with excessive weight gain, but she is sorely lacking energy, strength and stamina. Her upper arms flap in the breeze and she no longer has that youthful trim sprightliness she had all those years ago.

This mummy is me (no prizes for already guessing). I am getting LAZY. No nice way to say it. I do go to an adult ballet class once a week but it’s not enough to counteract the number of years I have lived. No longer am I keen to go to the gym, but I am keen to work out at home where I can wear more comfortable clothing. In fact I sort of already tried to get up with the hubby in the mornings and work out with him. It has been more or less successful, the LESS being ironically more prominent than the MORE, largely due to the fact that I have no idea what I am doing, I needed a plan:

The 404040 Plan !

404040 Plan Niki Wibrow

When I came across Niki Wibrow’s 404040 plan this past week, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I woke up one morning and said I need a plan and then I stumbled across Niki on Facebook and she said “I have the 404040 plan”. Niki has designed a fitness solution especially designed for women like me. Her 404040 plan (40 exercises 40 recipes 40 days) is described as “A health and fitness plan specifically designed for the 40 plus market”.

The plan consists of an ebook, an exercise plan and a Facebook support group. There are no set rules about which exercises or days to work out, all she asks is that you exercise four days a week.

Besides improving my stamina, my aim is to build up my core strength and I am hoping that by the time summer comes around, I’ll feel confident about wearing a swimming costume on holiday. 

I have had a look through her recipe booklet and what I really like about her recipes is that they are all exactly the type of food I love and already eat so it should be easy to keep up with. As she says, she is not encouraging you to follow any faddish diets or take any unusual supplements.

With the 404040 Plan you get the following:

  • 404040 ebook: “A healthy eating plan containing 40 delicious family friendly recipes that have been chosen for their particular health benefits for people over the age of 40.”
  • The 404040 Exercise Plan : “An Exercise plan sent to you in the form of video links. You will receive 4 warm ups, 4 Core Routines and 4 Cool Downs to follow four times a week.”
  • Private Facebook group for support and encouragement and on going tips. Niki posts regularly on the page with advice on how to get the best out of the 404040 Plan.

She has 3 plans: The standard 404040 Plan, Premium and VIP. At the moment she is offering a discount on the Introductory Plan with a launch price of £87 (SAVE £40 – for a limited time only).

“The 404040 Plan. No Gimmicks. No fads. Just Proven Results.” 

Click on this link to find out more information: The 404040 Plan

I will keep you updated through the programme (keep an eye on my Instagram feed, Twitter account and Facebook page) and let you know how I am getting on and then after I’m finished I’ll take another photo to show you. I’m a bit nervous I have to admit but Niki reassures me she’ll be with me every step of the way.

~I have been given a free trial of this product in exchange for an independent review. All opinions are my own~

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