Kigurumi – Winter just became Huggable!

Winter just became Huggable! Our Kigurumi Onesies Review

This has been one of those years where we need ALL the hugs, smiles and comfort we can get. Sadly we are limited in the hugging of other humans and in some cases have to resort to being hugged by huggables – like soft toys and blankets! So this past Christmas two of my girls were absolutely delighted to receive extremely huggable onesies from Kigurumi for review purposes.

You may well be wondering what a Kigurumi is? Basically it’s a fun way to be spending the winter! Or in other words, a Japanese onesie that looks like an animal (the name apparently means something like “wearing a stuffed toy”) AND in this specific instance, a company based in Canada and the US which sells an incredible array of cute animal themed onesies.

Cheshire Cat Kigurumi

The vast range of styles of onesies on the Kigurumi website include some well-known licenced characters like the Cheshire Cat, Pluto, Pokémon and Sully from Monster’s Inc. to name a few. There is also a huge variety of animals both real and fictional which include a unicorn, owl, panda, narwhal and shark!

Unicorn Kigurumi

After some intense indecision, my girls finally chose the Cheshire Cat and Unicorn Onesies. How could you only choose one? I love the attention to detail in the faces and that each character has it’s own distinctive tail. Many of them (not all) come with deep pockets.

Each character has unique facial features
The Unicorn has a soft fluffy tail
The Cheshire Cat tail is more like a small cushion!
Yep, the tail is still there.

These super sized character onesies are like being wrapped up in a cosy blanket, they are extra wide and roomy and the crotch hangs low so there is ample space to move about without feeling constricted. They open and close up the front with a long row of buttons which makes it easy to get in and out of the onesie.

You can also layer up underneath if you feel the need for extra warmth or even wear them over your winter coat if you don’t want to take your Kigurumi off when you need to pop out to the supermarket!

I love how these fun onesies seem to have been made with a sense of humour permanently stitched into them. It’s hard to feel glum when you look like this:

My girls have loved mooching about the house in their Kigurumis these winter holidays and now that the return to school has been delayed, I can see them becoming their new home school uniform too!

And who said a Cheshire Cat can’t stand on it’s head?

Kigurumi are made from super soft and fluffy 100% polyester fleece. The sizes come in child ages 5-9, Adult 5′ and taller and X-tall for people over 5’11.

For more info and to see the whole range, why don’t you pop over to the Kigurumi website here?

A note on the shipping, Kigurumis can be shipped from US or Canada. However, if ordering to Ireland I recommend asking to order from Canada to avoid having to pay import duties due to a EU/Canadian trade agreement.

A big thank you to Kigurumi for gifting us these onesies!

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