Messages you don’t need to send other Mums on WhatsApp right now

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Messages you don’t need to send other Mums on WhatsApp right now

Undoubtedly times are different right now during the Covid-19 pandemic and we no longer are able to do what we used to do freely. Hopefully all that will change soon. In the meantime, you might identify with this list of texts or messages that you don’t need to send to your mum friends at the moment. Some are a relief while others a huge disappointment, can you add any to the list?

Yes! I’ll make a reservation!

Sorry girls, its fully booked tonight.

Shall we meet at the pub for a drink instead?

Hey! 🙂 I’m here at the pub, have you arrived yet?

It’s really busy here, can’t see you girls.

Sorry, didn’t hear my phone ringing over the noise from the crowd. I see you now!!

Thanks girls for a fun evening last night, can hardly stand today my feet are so sore from all that dancing! 👯👯

Yeah was fab getting out with you all last night, again.

I guess I’m blessed having a man like Dennis who does’t mind being stuck with the kids any evening I want to go out.😇

Nappy, Negative Space

Who is hosting book club this week?

I’m not sure I’ll start the book let alone finish it by then, does that matter? 😀

Sorry, I’m running late, you girls go ahead and start without me.

You girls will be the death of me, my head hurts this morning from aaaall the wine last night in book club. What book are we reading again?

Will you be home later? I want to pop by and drop off those shoes.

Would you mind taking the kids for an hour while I pop to the hairdresser tomorrow?

Thanks for feeding my children dinner last night before scouts.

Would Mikey like to come over and play with Joey?

I can drop Mikey home after dinner later.

Where would you recommend for a venue for a 40th birthday party? 🥳

You’re invited!

Just bring a bottle of wine. 🤪

What are you wearing to the party?

Ah thanks, I got it at the Penney’s sale last weekend.

Dennis loved his party, thanks for all your help!

Burst, StockSnap

Where are the boys playing their match this weekend?

What time is kick off?

I’ll do the lift club.

Am I on the tea roster this week?

Oh cr@*, that means I have to make sandwiches for 100 tomorrow!

Congrats, brilliant result on the match today lads!🎉

No I think Joey’s ok thanks, he’s limping a bit from the kick to the skins from that kid with the mustache on the other team.

Would you believe, little Joey actually broke his leg in his match last weekend! 😭

A&E was insane, people packed in like sardines, every little Tom, Dick and Harriette in with any and every little sniffle.😡

Joey’s delighted though, his class all signed his plaster cast today.

Now there’s a vomitting bug going around in the school. 😭😭

Oh cr@*, all my kids have caught the school vomitting bug. 😭😭😭

Looks like Zumba was loads of fun last night.😞

The kids are better thanks and back in school but, for flip sakes, I think I have the vomitting bug now!!!🤬

Thanks for checking up on me, it’s been deathly quiet here all day with everyone out at work and school.

Yeah, that would be great if you could pick them up and have them for the afternooon thanks.

Can you believe, Dennis has booked me in to the spa for a day of pampering on Saturday?!🥰

Wow, I feel so refreshed after my #metime pampering sesh at the spa.

Guess what? We’re going away for our anniversary weekend away next weekend!🥰🥰

Yeah, he and I hardly see each other these days, we’re like ships passing in the night, you know?

I’m so excited about going to the Maldives in just a couple of days!

Wow the airport is packed, you should see the queues for security!! Hope we don’t miss our plane!!!

Phew, we are at the boarding gate.

Woohoo! They have upgraded us to business class because the flight was delayed!!

This hotel is just awesome, such a great buzz about the place.

Feels so good to be away on holidays.

Toa Hftisa, StockSnap

Wow that was such a perfect little getaway.

I can really recommend the Maldives at this time of the year!

You should see if they have any last minute deals on flights there right this minute.

Am I being a bit boring banging on about my holidays on social media at the moment?

You could have saved that and told it to my face.

Yeah sure, I’ll meet you for a coffee in the morning.

Brodie Vissers, StockSnap

I love your idea for a barbecue fundraiser event next weekend!

Shall I bring a dessert or salad to the barbecue?

Would you like me to set up a WhatsApp group with us ladies on the organising committee for Friday?

What’s Zoom? Never heard of it.

I hope the weather will be good on Friday for our fundraiser.

Shall I bring a few spare chairs for people to sit on?

What?? We have about 90 people coming tonight???

Leave it with me, I’ll pop over to Ikea and buy more chairs.

Oh gosh, the weather’s definitely not looking good now, shall we reschedule the barbecue?☔☔

Well I suppose that was a successful event last night wasn’t it, in spite of everyone being squashed together inside?

Was your place completely trashed in the end after Maureen’s husband broke my chairs over Declan’s head?

I’ll be over later to help you clean up.

P.S. I left my coat, wellies and umbrella behind at yours last night.

I seriously need a break from all this partying and socialising we are doing at the moment.

It’s just go go go at the minute!

I would love to take life a bit slower and maybe let the kids stay at home for a few weeks, or even months.

It’s been ages since we’ve had a quiet weekend at home with absolutely nothing to do but DIY.

I can imagine that homeschooling would be a great idea, I’m sure I’d be able for that.

I honestly can’t think of anything better right now than being stuck at home, with all the cake and Netflix one could ever possibly want to consume.

Life’s too busy to appreciate the finer things in life, I feel.

Ben Duchac, Negative Space

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