Mother and Daughter Giveaway Gift Bundle!

Mother and daughter giveaway

Mother and Daughter Giveaway Gift Bundle!

I am delighted to have teamed up with four super talented female entrepreneurs/business owners in order to offer you this fabulous giveaway gift bundle.

Many of these businesses had humble beginnings around a kitchen table at home and all of them are created with dedication and passion. I have selected a range of products which I believe are the best possible quality that a special mother and daughter would both enjoy.

The giveaway gift bundle is valued at £60 and consists of the following:

1. A box of 12 handcrafted luxury chocolates by award winning Zaeire Artisan Chocolates based in County Wexford, Ireland

Zaeire Artisan Chocolates are handmade using the finest Belgium chocolate and fresh ingredients. All the moulded chocolates have a characteristic chocolate drizzle to tell you what’s inside – Any excuse for more chocolate. Flavors include Baileys Truffle, Mint Truffle, Honeycomb, Whole Roasted Hazelnuts, Coffee & Coconut Truffle, Salted Caramel

Leigh started making chocolates at her kitchen table in 2013 and soon discovered it was more than a hobby, The business has grown over the years with Zaeire chocolates now being stocked in select outlets across Ireland and also available in the online shop. Her business has won multiple awards and Leigh loves sharing her passion for chocolate in her chocolate making workshops for children and adults.

2. A Box of 24 luxury wax melts Ultimate Collection from Amelia Daniels Candles, UK.

The Amelia Daniels Wax 24 melts Ultimate Collection features 24 out of 28 scents that are currently available, they have made sure only the best and most popular are included in this collection. If you like the idea of sending your nose on a scent adventure with each wax melt being a different scent from the one before then this is the box for you. This box includes scents that will make you feel motivated and energised, chilled out and even scents that are perfect for setting a romantic scene.  Scents include Soft Lemongrass,Tiger Lily Rain, Cuban Cigar & Oak, Pink Champagne & Pomelo, Black Plum & Rhubarb, Rock Salt & Driftwood, Lime, Basil & Mandarin

Amelia Daniels sees home fragrance as more than just beautifully scented products. They believe that every fragrance has its own story to tell and is suited to a different room, time of the day, season and occasion. They are just waiting for us to discover them. All of their products are handmade with love, making sure that when you receive them they are simply perfect. There’s no place like home and there’s nothing better than a home that smells amazing!

To see their full range of products visit the Amelia Daniels website.

3. A handcrafted wooden Puffin brooch by The Wild Felter in County Cork, Ireland.- Sending gifts of Nature and Hope

A Puffin love wooden brooch depicting two puffins sharing a cuddle, from Molly’s original needle felted art. This gorgeous addition to the eco-friendly brooch collection is the sweetest wildlife lovers accessory. Printed on birch wood this natural laser cut brooch has a natural effect with a unique handmade aesthetic and is super lightweight. Each member of the brooch collection is designed to be a little shoulder buddy to accompany you on your day.

Molly Ellis is the artist behind the stunning range of gifts at The Wild Felter, a handmade Irish gift store based in her little cottage in the south of Ireland. The range depicts beautifully illustrated works of art with themes of land, sea and air covering a diverse array of gifts from art prints, jewellery and kitchen ware.

4. A Gift Card and Mug from Equipp’s new ‘Born to be..’ range. Both the mug and card display an image of a workout weight and the slogan ‘Unstoppable’ and are designed to encourage our young women.

“It might seem like they’re pretty unstoppable when it comes to arguing that they don’t have to tidy their room. But though sometimes they may know it, other times it might not feel as if they do. Remind them with every sip that they’re unstoppable and can do all they put their mind to.”

Louise and Anna are the two women behind Equipp and their focus is to provide inspiring, thoughtful gifts for teenagers Buying gifts for young adults can be a challenge but Equipp has set out to make it just that little bit easier by developing a range of gifts and greetings cards that they’ll be happy to receive and you’ll love to give. 

Equipp donates a small amount from every sale to support Hector’s House, a teenage suicide prevention charity, and their work with young people to end the stigma around mental health.

See more of their range of gifts here on the Equipp website.

Enter the Giveaway here:

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling us what makes your mum or your daughter special! 🙂

You can also increase your chances of winning with multiple entries by also entering via the options in the Gleam giveaway widget below:

Mother and Daughter Giveaway Bundle!

Please note you have to be over 18 to enter, open to residents of UK and Ireland only, prizes will be dispatched by the individual business owners. Competition closing date: 30th June at midnight.

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148 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Giveaway Gift Bundle!”

  1. Violet Perkins Phillippo

    My mum would absolutely love the puffin brooch – we love watching the Puffins on Springwatch together.

  2. deffo the luxury chocolates! Id save them for a night in with my mum and my little lady once lockdown is over! Would be fab for a 3 generation of the ladies evening!!

  3. The chocs look amazing 😍 My mum would love them, i havent seen her since before lockdown began which has been difficult. She works in a care home so we havent been able to see her as we are on the vulnerable list so still shielding

  4. I’d love the handmade chocolates, ideal to share with my daughter with a glass of wine and a good natter love her so much

  5. I would love the chocolates, would be lovely to share with the family, we have been shielding our youngest son who has severe learning difficulties & a host of health issues, it hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs & treats have been few and far between.

  6. My mum is so special because she has given up everything to care for me. She is so selfless, and never begrudges anything even though she doesn’t really have a life of her own. We are very close, and I am so grateful for her.

    The product I’m most looking forward to are the chocolates!

  7. Sounds like an amazing bundle of goodies! I’d love to try the watch melts though…You just can’t beat a beautiful smelling home x

  8. The wax melts would be less sinful but who am I kidding I would love to share these chocolates with my daughter Jennifer

  9. My daughter is such a unique character her sense of fun is what makes her extra special to me. Those chocolates look delicious!

  10. Well I really love the mugs but the chocolates look spectacular!! Lovely prize for me and my mum❤️

  11. I always love a good mug, that would almost beat the chocs, but how can anything beat chocolate? they would be my most anticipated item in the prize, I have to say!!

  12. A box of 12 handcrafted luxury chocolates by award winning Zaeire Artisan Chocolates based in County Wexford, Ireland, they look yummy!

  13. Both Mum and me would love to share this, shes an awesome Mum who has MS and not long before the lockdown started we discovered that she’s got Dementia, so any time I get with her is special.

  14. The wooden puffin brooch is so sweet – I love animals and birds and also jewellery so you can’t go wrong!

  15. My mum for always being positive even with not being able bit go to physio with her broken wrist during lockdown

  16. I love all of them but am fond of the A handcrafted wooden Puffin brooch, its really pretty and I do love a brooch!

  17. I adore the Handcrafted Wooden Puffin Brooch by the Wild Felter, it’s super sweet, I love my Daughter and would gift it to her

  18. Such lovely gift ideas. I particularly like the puffin brooch, it’s so pretty and unusual. I know my mum would love it, she’s an animal lover… Sometimes I think she likes animals more than humans haha x

  19. My daughter is due to start secondary school in September and gas missed out on so much in her last year of primary and now so much uncertainty still for September so would love this as a special grown up treat for her 🤞

  20. The luxury wax melts would be wonderful (as would all the other lovely gifts). Very generous giveaway thank you

  21. I love the look of the Amelia Daniels Wax 24 melts altimate collection and I also love the look of the Zaeire artisan chocolates, oh my! They look delicious too!

  22. My daughter works as a carer looking after patients with dementia. It’s not an easy job and with the pandemic it’s even harder. I worry about her, but I’m also very proud of her.

    I do love the sound of the Amelia Daniels Wax 24 melts.

  23. I would choose number 2. Box of 24 Amelia Daniels Ultimate Collection Luxury Wax Melts, my daughter Michaela is absolutely mad for wax melts so she would really love these 🙂

  24. Oooh what a lovely bundle. I love the brooch and the mugs. My mum would most love the chocolates haha.
    My mums struggled with lockdown alot so this would be a great way to cheer her up.

    Tea in the Tub

  25. My daughter turns 15 in August and is starting to move away from me a bit. The teenage moods are in full swing and we butt heads quite a bit. What constantly surprises and warms my heart is her thoughtfulness. She’s so so good with her little brother, she has the patient of a saint with him. She makes me coffee before I even have to ask, she puts other peoples feelings before herself and always has time for others. She’s like a parcel constantly unravelling to reveal more little surprises and traits to love her more.

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