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I have just finished writing Chapter Ten. Progress is achingly slow, I have a hundred little distractions (like this, and I need a cuppa coffee). Yesterday it took me from 12pm til 6pm to sit still long enough in order to type a meaningful sentence. How do people write huge volumes? I feel like the mountain of work ahead will fall on top of me before I plow through it. Honestly I’d like a lesson in writing discipline from George R.R. Martin,Β or JK Rowling.

Not that I’m putting together an epic series, just one little first time ever novel, which may never see the light of anyone’s bedside lamp.

I’m writing this little post though just to remind myself that I have never written ten chapters of a novel before so this is in itself a minor achievement. I am taking a moment for a mini celebration (YAY, I’ll eat caramel shortbread with my coffee πŸ˜€ ).

caramel shortbread and coffee
it was yummy

Now because I have always absolutely loved reading, I would just like to to say, from the bottom of my heart, how enormously grateful I am to all the writers of all the books I have read for not giving up after Chapter Ten. Word by word, page by page, book by book you ploughed on, lonely at your desk, determined to tell your story. You moved those mountains and transformed them into new worlds. I think I will find your footprints somewhere ahead and follow them, or make my own path, either way I’m off to fetch supplies for the journey ahead.

P.S. This is just a mock-up version of my book below, it’s in it’s first draft, very rough form over on ChapterBuzz. If you’d like to give me feedback and comments you’d be welcome. You can even tell me you think it’s rubbish and I won’t hate you, I may just write you into the story…

book cover

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11 thoughts on “Moving a mountain one coffee spoon at a time.”

  1. I have been silently following many budding authors on WP and have come to a conclusion that many writers seem to stress too much over their writing progress. Perhaps I say that out of not being the type to pound out 27,000 words in a matter of weeks. When I wrote my first manuscript it was compiled over a somewhat lengthy period of time. I would stop and start often. But I would, of course, stay on some type of schedule to at least write a few paragraphs in relation to my notes, whilst thinking where and how to fit them in. Sure, it is so easy to give up when something does not seem to fit together, but that is what we as writers deal with quite often.

    I guess what I am saying is that every writer out there — whether writing a novel (or a series of them) or just a short speech — step back occasionally to see just how much you have done, how it is coming together so beautifully, and know you WILL complete what you set out to accomplish as time dictates. After all, the redwood forests of Oregon did not grow overnight!

    However… If you are looking for some encouragement and a reason to get in there and finish your manuscript by a set date, I would be more than happy to “hunt you down” with a ream of paper and pens!!! And perhaps a pot of coffee, too.

    I have an author friend who has been working on a novel series for quite a long time. She pounds out the words as they come. But she also knows when to rest a wee bit and let it all come together in her head first.

    I look forward to reading your book! I love the cover! Very intriguing.

    Blessings on your writing!

    1. Thank you Liz, you are right, it is easy to spend too much time overthinking the process, or worrying about all the work ahead, rather than just getting on with it. I’m very impatient, I want to fast forward to the time it’s done! Thank you very much for your offer of help, I really appreciate that and when I have more done, you may find me knocking on your door! Blessings to you too.

  2. Nice work Liberty. Ten chapters. Woo hoo. Keep going. Keep going. I’m almost finished the first draft of my second book. Never thought I’d get this far either. One word at a time. You’ll get there.

      1. I don’t know about writing a second book being encouraged by completing the first, but maybe. Certainly writing the first one is an ongoing sobering process. Just so much work involved in trying to get it right. Much more work has taken place since I finished my first draft than was involved in writing the draft and still fully sure it’s ready to be queried. I try to enjoy the writing and, like you, to celebrate the achievements that are within my control.

  3. Ten chapters is excellent progress – well done you! and thanks for the shout out to all the wonderful authors too – don’t they all have tree houses or somewhere they hide away in awaiting inspiration? πŸ˜‰

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