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Mummy, what’s the Meaning of Lice?

He just followed me home from school Daddy Can't we keep him?
Um, NO!

According to the papers head lice has reached epidemic proportions in Ireland now, not surprised quite frankly with what’s been going down (or up!) in our household. Here are my tips for treatment.

Actually I think lice do share somethings in common with the meaning of LIFE. It’s a topic I could talk about with those who I know are struggling with the same issue, usually in private, and both have reduced me to anguished tears.

It took me ages to whisper ‘I’m treating my kids for lice – beware (sorry)!’. Honestly we have struggled with it on and off for over two years now, I am an expert in the field and have enough experience to write my Doctorate on the subject. Imagine Dr Liberty (phd- Freedom from Lice)!

I can safely say we have worked our  way through all the products on the shelf in the pharmacy as well as all the ‘tried and trusted’ home remedies. I have washed and combed and laundered and combed and shampooed (and did I mention combed?) until I was a blubbering pile of self pity on the kitchen floor.

The nasty critters suck not only the blood from your kids but the hours from your week in combing time, cos I can tell you it’s no joke working through four heads of long hair. I accept that this may be an ongoing battle until the day that my youngest child finally leaves home.

Then my children can take their nasty little pets away with them.

In the meantime:

My 6 TOP TIPS for dealing with Lice and Nits:

  1. Check regularily!
  2. Tie long hair up and spray heads with a solution of tea tree oil in the mornings.
  3. Comb (using a specialised very fine toothed lice comb) your kids once a week on a Friday after school to check for any unwanted passengers. Don’t forget to check yourself too as they tend to flick off when you comb and can land on your clothes only to crawl up on to your head, bleugh! I would do this in the bathroom with my child seated next to the basin so that I can rinse the comb after each stroke.
  4. Wear an apron when you comb your child and remove it straight afterwards to be washed.
  5. If you find lice you can treat heads with a lice treatment product but I have found that coating their heads in any cheap conditioner and leave covered in a tight fitting shower cap or cling film for an hour and combing out any smothered lice just as effective a method and much less harsh on their heads.
  6. Nits (lice eggs) hate heat so use hair straighteners to fry those eggs! Using a hair dryer also helps but be careful of not scorching your child too (obvs).
  7. After three days check and comb again.
  8. Lice can live off the head for 24 hours so you need to thoroughly clean any hairbrushes and change bedding (I iron pillowcases).

DON’T GIVE UP CHECKING whatever you do!

life cycle of head lice

On other topics:

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22 thoughts on “Mummy, what’s the Meaning of Lice?

  1. Haha this is great! I really enjoyed reading this! Thankfully I have not experienced lice yet with my children but I am dreading the day I do! If ever I have a bad case of it with them I will have to come back and ask some tips. Keep up the great posts!

    1. I think I was really lucky because for nearly 13 years we didn’t get them. Now it’s a never ending plague! I think it’s easier with boys, obviously they tend to have shorter hair. Thanks, life has taken on some funny twists lately so writing hasn’t always been a priority, but it is a great form of catharsis. 🙂

      1. Oh no! I bet it is a nightmare, I am dreading the day and luckily I have 3 boys and one girl so hopefully they wont get it too bad when they do! And I agree, writing is a great form of catharsis!

  2. Thank you for these tips Liberty! Just shared your post on my kids’ school FB group, as it’s only a matter of days before we get the first headlice note of the year…

  3. Well now I’m all itchy lol. Great tips – I wouldn’t have thought of using straighteners!

  4. I am DREADING the day lice come into our house! Just reading this made my head itch. I like the tea tree advice – nice to know there is preemptive treatment you can use. Great read thank you. #mamapreneurrevolution

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