My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

Covid-19 is certainly no laughing matter and you would think this is not the time for comedy sketches. However, humankind is good at is rising above our circumstances and looking for humour to help us through the difficult times. In the middle of May I created a blog post compiling the funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes that I could find up until then and it has amazed me that within one month, this post has been my most ever viewed post! In fact, views on this post alone make up 25% of all my views across all 200 plus posts on my whole blog for these past six weeks.

You could almost say that my viral post went viral (for me anyway).

One thing seems to be true – people are needing to find light relief to counteract the sadness and fear. Right now we need to laugh. Humour and comedy unites us across communities via WhatsApp groups, and across the world via social media and other online platforms.

“At a time like this humour can bridge cultures”

Violet Wang, journalist

As I mentioned in that post, this virus is not funny, the fact is many people are suffering and have lost their lives. People have demonstrated incredible resilience and fortitude during one of the worst pandemics we have ever experienced. We may have been forced to stay apart but we will always still love to share a joke. Even if we have to tell it 2 metres apart, and possibly laugh into our elbows or behind masks for fear of spreading droplets.

I did an online search for comedy sketches and discovered comedians have something to say about Covid-19.

“Covid-19 is the worst pandemic since Baby Shark!”

Trevor Noah
My Favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches

And so, here are just a few more of…

…My favourite Covid-19 Comedy Sketches:

As people have been looking for ways to cheer themselves up at home, more and more have been spending time on social media, YouTube and apps like TikTok. And apparently especially TikTok and especially the Chinese according to Jesse Appell!

I have to confess I hadn’t heard of Jesse Appell before I started researching for this post. Appell is a Chinese speaking American comedian who is well known in China where he performed on stage in the Chinese version of the Last Comic Standing. Just before the American lockdown, Appell held a fundraiser in the USA to raise funds for Chinese aid.

This video is interesting as it shows how, while China was in lockdown, the USA experienced a totally different lifestyle altogether. Appell has collated a number of funny clips which demonstrate how China turned to comedy at home via the TikTok app (or Douyin as it is called in China).

What about the lockdown rules?

I don’t know about you but I was, and still am, very confused about this virus! There were, and still are, countless news reports and conflicting opinions flying about the internet. I was also confused at one stage about what we were allowed vs not allowed to do during lockdown. Each country had their own set of rules which were different as well as similar to other countries. Adley, who is a popular comedienne and Instagram sensation with 618k followers, has this to say about the rules for lockdown.

So that clears that up then.

And then lockdown ends!

Foil, Arms and Hog are an Irish trio, they posted up an hilarious Zoom classroom sketch (which I haven’t shared here as I’m trying to keep this a family friendly site – but you could look it up, parents would relate!) However, this one just slips under the 15A radar!

I did enjoy the quieter times at home myself, to be honest.

And now, my favourite Covid-19 Comedy sketch of them all!

Michael McIntyre is possibly my all-time favourite comedian and I found this sketch hilarious because it is spot-on! Here he describes these past few months so well, who could have possibly known that everything this Fortune Teller foresaw would come true?? 😀

Who would have thought that one of the scariest times of our lives would give us a reason to laugh?

If you find any more amusing sketches tell me about them. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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