My Three Balmonds Summer Skin Care Favourites

My Three Balmonds Summer Skin Care Favourites


In the summer time our skin needs special care and protection from the effects of the sun. This particular summer that’s past we have also been washing our hands a lot more frequently. Both of these cause our skin to dry out and feel uncomfortable. As a family we have been using three products from the Balmonds range which include the Cooling Cream, the Intensive Hand Cream and the Intensive Lip Balm to help our skin feel hydrated and healthy.

You may be tired of my banging on about Balmonds products but honestly, I do love them as they are so gentle yet so effective, ideal for all ages from 6 weeks old! In this post I review my three summer skin care favourites, the Cooling Cream, the Intensive Hand Cream and the Intensive Lip Balm.

Balmonds products are all either 99% or 100% natural, many of the ingredients are organic and biodynamic and are especially suited for sensitive and allergy prone skin. They are suitable for vegans, and the shampoo can even be used on your pets!

The Balmonds company began when Natalie Balmond couldn’t find an effective and natural way to manage her daughter’s sensitive, allergy prone skin. She began experimenting in her kitchen and eventually created a bath oil and lotion based on traditional herbal remedies. These proved so effective that they are now sold worldwide.

My Three Balmonds Summer Skin Care Favourites

Balmonds Cooling Cream

The Balmonds Cooling Cream is said to be suitable for skin that is hot, flushed, prone to dryness, overheating or sensitivity. It comes in a 100ml bottle which is handy if you need to pack it in your cabin baggage when travelling on your sun holiday! It is formulated with cool menthol, soothing aloe vera and calming lavender to help reduce redness and heat.

We received this just in time for the hottest day in Ireland this past summer! Rebecca, who is very fair skinned, was invited to the beach for the day with friends and, although she had used a strong sunscreen, she was bright red when she returned that evening. She used the cooling gel and it provided instant relief from the burning heat on her chest and face. She continued to apply it over the course of 5 days and her skin recovered beautifully without any peeling or blisters.

Comparing day one with day 5 after applying the Balmonds Cooling Cream

I have to confess I committed the terrible parenting sin of sending Fia off out into the sun without putting sunscreen on her. I have no excuse, I simply forgot! The following day her face was all read and puffy, and I felt terrible. She applied the Balmonds Cooling Cream and you can see from the third photo that I took the following day that the burn was gone. I was delighted! The effects of the cooling cream on her skin are visible after only one day.

I love the soft menthol scent of this cream and that it isn’t sticky. It can also be used to soothe hot feet or faces when you travel or any time really!

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

Balmonds intensive hand cream, My Three Balmonds Summer Skin Favourites

With all the extra washing we are doing at the moment, every one needs a good hand cream! The Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream is rich in hemp seed oil blended with Roman chamomile essential oil and it contains the same four skin-kind herbs that are used in the Daily Moisturising Cream* and Skin Salvation* ointment (chamomile, calendula, nettle and chickweed), but in this case as extra potent macerated oils rather than herbal tinctures.

It is free from any nasty chemicals or additives and is suitable for skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and any sore or itchy skin conditions.

I love that this hand cream feels so rich on my skin without making it feel greasy. It says it is fragrance free but I find that it does have a very subtle but pleasant slightly almondy aroma which is possibly from the shea butter. The gentle frangrance is also great from my kids perspective as I often apply hand cream in the car and they complain if I use one with a strong fragrance!

It leaves my hands feeling lovely and smooth, eliminating that awful crocodile effect I usually have going for me.

This comes in a 50ml or 100ml bottle but I would recommend the 100ml as you will love using this and will want as much as possible!

For a full description of this amazing cream, you can visit the Balmonds website here*.

Balmonds Lip Balm

Balmonds intensive lip balm, My Three Balmonds Summer Skin Care Favourites
Balmonds Intensive Lip balm up close

Up until I received the Balmonds Intensive Lip Balm, I was carrying a small pot of the Skin Salvation in my bag for my lips. My lips are always dry! This is a 100% natural balm and you can also use this during hay fever season as a barrier against pollen if you apply it around your nostrils. It will also soothe sore skin around your eyes. We have a few hay fever sufferers in this household so this is very handy!

I love the texture of this lip balm, it is super silky smooth and rich. I hate lip balms that are either grainy, too sweet, too sticky, too chemical tasting (you never actually know what you are swallowing in those) or contain any suspect artificial ingredients.

The ingredients on the Balmonds Lip Balm include organic hemp seed oil, pure, minimally-processed local beeswax and biodynamic herbal tinctures of calendula, nettle, chickweed and chamomile. It also has a great smell – like beeswax – so it is nice to wear so close to my nose!

Both the Cooling Cream and Intensive Lip Balm have been awarded BESTBUY in Green Parent’s Natural Beauty Awards 2019!

In my previous posts reviewing Balmonds products, I described their amazing Skin Salvation balm, which is my family’s go-to remedy for all our skin issues, as well as their All-natural Starter Set, which contains a selection of their lovely skin care range. For a full review on these, pop on over to my posts.

Have you tried any of these Balmonds products as part of your summer skin care routine? Which are you favourites?

For any more information on these amazing summer products visit the Balmonds website* and don’t forget the BONUS for readers of Liberty on the Lighter Side! For a special 20% discount off any Balmonds products ordered off their website, use this code: LIBERTY20

These items have been gifted to us for the purposes of writing a review, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links*. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

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