Mysterium Family Board game Review

selection of illustrated Mysterium cards

Mysterium Family Board game Review

If your family enjoys mystery games where you have to figure out ‘who dunnit’, AND you love co-operative games because you’re not big into competition, then you’ll love Mysterium! Here is our review of this family board game

AD|Gifted We were kindly gifted the Mysterium boardgame for review purposes.

Set in a haunted Scottish mansion in the 1920’s, this game is a bit like Cluedo, but on steroids. The aim is to solve the murder mystery and it is the ghost of the deceased who returns to help players identify who the murderer was.

How to play Mysterium

Players assume the role of up to seven different psychic personae while one person plays the part of the silent ghost. The ghost can only communicate via knocking sounds whereas the rest of the players can chat and swap ideas. We found the more eyebrow waggling and whispering you can do, the greater the atmosphere of intrigue.

I would also suggest a few candelabras and fake smoke for added drama.

There are two stages to the game, the first stage involves trying to identify a culprit, location and weapon for each player, the second stage consists of trying to determine which one of the culprits is the murderer. At each stage of the game the ghost hands clues to the players to help them figure out who the murderer could be.

There are a lot of pieces in this game. It contains 192 beautifully illustrated cards including: 54 psychic cards, 84 vision cards and 54 ghost cards. It also contains 6 intuition tokens and 36 clairvoyance tokens as well as a host of other pieces including 3 crows and a clock of only 7 hours.

All the pieces layed out for Mysterium the boardgame, Mysterium Family Boardgame Review
The huge range of pieces for Mysterium

The instructions took us quite a long time to read and understand for the first time and it wasn’t until we had played the first game that we really understood how to play Mysterium. However, once we had played a couple of times we found it very easy to play – the only challenge is trying to figure out the clues while aiming to beat the clock!

Mysterium Family Boardgame Review
Psychic’s view of the game
Mysterium Family Boardgame Review
Ghost’s view of Mysterium

An added fun feature is the backing soundtrack which can be downloaded onto your phone. We played this game while we were away on our camping holiday and my nephew acted as the D.J. as he played the spooky music while the rest of us played. The music is entirely suited to the game and added to the general air of mystery and tension.

Our verdict on Mysterium:

Me: What I love about this game is that it is completely collaborative. Every person in the game works together to solve the mystery, the only competition is against the clock as you all try and solve the mystery before time runs out. This means that the youngest person playing the game has as much opportunity to win as the oldest as players are encouraged to help one another.

I really enjoy playing Mysterium, both as the ghost and as a psychic. Initially all the instructions were a bit overwhelming but the game is actually very easy to play once you know how to. The illustrations are beautifully done.

14 year old son: “It’s very fun, I like how it’s a co-operative game and it’s very unique.”

12 year old daughter: “I really enjoyed Mysterium, probably one of my favourite games.”

10 year old daughter: “It’s nice, I like figuring out everything together and it’s not a competitive game.”

Mysterium layed out on a carpetted tent floor
You can even play the game inside a tent!

Game specs:

  • Mysterium is suitable for 2-7 players
  • aged 10 and up but we had an eight year old who managed very well
  • It takes about 45 minutes to play

Mysterium, produced by Libellud in France, was created in the Ukraine originally and was winner of the As d’Or 2016 (French game of the year). As far as boardgames go this is a relatively new one, having only emerged on the boardgame scene in 2015. We are a keen boardgame playing family and had never heard of it until now.

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