On going Self Hosted on my Blog with SiteGround

Transferring my website to SiteGround

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For almost 18 months I treated blogging as a hobby, a guilty pleasure! (Weird how I felt guilty about taking time out from house hold chores and parenting to write, but it just felt so indulgent). About a week before the end of the kids’ summer holidays last year, when they were all set to go back to school and I was fed up with the thought of having no job to go to, I decided that it was time to become intentional, to make my blog my career. I just wasn’t sure how to go about making that a reality.

In order to have a fully customizable blog which I could add plugins to as well as link affilates from I needed to make some changes. I decided that if I love writing and blogging so much, why not try and see whether I couldn’t turn that love into a form of income.

Web Hosting with SiteGround

Decide on a domain name

One of the first things I realised I needed to do was to take the leap and buy my own domain name. As I already had a blog it was easy to choose my name, I was using it already. The next step was to find a webhost and I wanted to choose one who could 1) sort out buying my domain name for me 2) host my site and 3) enable me to continue using WordPress.

Choosing a Webhost (and why I chose SiteGround)

I did some research, asked other bloggers who they use and I chose SiteGround in the end based on how highly recommended they were. Because I know very little about the technical aspects of moving a blog it was important to know that they have a 24/7 help line. Also they support WordPress as a CMS (content managing system – ooh I have learnt a little bit), I am so familiar with WordPress, it’s become like a dear friend and I would hate to have to learn how to start all over again from scratch. I had also heard that their site security is top notch and having an https site is a requirement nowadays.

Not only a 24/7 helpline but super fast!

Once I’d made the decision, it took a morning to contact them, buy the package and move my site across (all my posts and readers comments), and they were brilliant! I reckon all the clever dudes who work there must be having a ball, they always sound so pleased to help – I can happily say I have made good use of their 24/7 helpline.

One great thing is:

I was delighted to discover that all the people who already were following my blog on the WordPress reader or via e-mail could be transferred across to the new site with a click of a button.

One bad thing is:

The only thing that I was disappointed by was that the ‘likes’ on my old posts couldn’t be saved.

Spending money is necessary for business growth

Yes, that goes against my Scottish heritage to say that. I am not great at spending money so it was a challenge to get over the hurdle of accepting that any business (or even hobby for that matter) requires some outflow in order for it to grow. The 30 day money back guarantee on SiteGround reassured me. I spent more on the package than I thought I would though because I bought a few extra features that were not included in the money back guarantee.

My first reaction!

I have to be honest, immediately after I made the jump I suffered from buyers remorse! Because I’m not all that tech savvy I thought I had made a huge mistake, I even wrote a whole post lamenting the fact. It took a bit of scurrying around online asking other bloggers for reassurance before I realised that it was OK, I had done it all right!

What’s Next?

It’s maybe a little bit odd to admit this but I am really excited that I have my own website! Now I have to tell you that my right arm is sore, I think I have tennis elbow from typing? Or it could be from the interaction on social media with other bloggers on my phone. ‘Phone forearm’ is one downside I haven’t heard anyone else complain about. I should possibly be pacing myself a bit better, otherwise I just need to get fighting fit for this new adventure!

I know I have heaps to learn but I have found some amazingly supportive online forums and an almost overwhelming array of resources. I have learnt loads already and I’m excited for the future.

If YOU are looking to upgrade or start a new venture I’d highly recommend SiteGround, Click on the image below to find out more information on prices and the different packages they offer.

Web Hosting with Siteground

44 thoughts on “On going Self Hosted on my Blog with SiteGround”

  1. Hi Liberty, exciting times more fun than moving house, look forward to catching up, all good down SA way I hope. Chris.

  2. Congratulations on going self hosted. I use Site Ground and I have never had an issue in the last 12 months. It was the best blogging decision I made. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

  3. I’m with Site ground too and can’t fault them! Really pleased with their service and definitely need to write a post about jt! Just signed up as an affiliate too! Congrats on becoming self hosted πŸ˜„ #thursdayteam

  4. I hadn’t heard of siteground. Will definitely bear them in mind for the future. I’m with Squarespace and although it has it’s benefits there are somethings it’s not great at and it drives me slightly crazy! #ThursdayTeam

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Sorry to hear you’re not all that delighted with your host. I have been lucky so far and I hope it stays that way. If you do decide to change, I’d love it if you dropped back and clicked through from my site as I’m an affiliate. You may want to look into that too as the commission is good. πŸ™‚

  5. Alice | Letters to my Daughter

    Good for you for going for it! Sounds like a very easy transition. I have to be differnet so built my site with Wix, and although i love some features, it’s definitely not as blog friendly as WP bu ho hum! Thanks for linking up with #BlogCrush

  6. That’s really helpful. I use a free wordpress site and admit I am a.bit frustrated at my.very limited reach. I get some lovely positive feedback but my stuff doesn’t reach that many people. I have no clue about technology and it took me ages to even get this far!

    1. It’s a funny thing but I feel as if blogging has two completely different faces, one exists within the quiet recesses of WordPress and is largely writerly whereas the other is all over social media and that’s the place where everything gets shared. I’m not sure whether one is better than the other to be honest. I think great writers are quietly slogging away with little contact or exposure and bad writers are being showcased all over the place. (Came across a couple of high profile bloggers who can’t spell at all – so depressing! πŸ˜€ ) I’ve found that once I got a bit more to grips with social media, love it or hate it, that’s where you start reaching others all around the world. Good luck with your journey!

      1. I suppose ideally i’d like to combine both: put out the best stuff I can but learn a bit more about the self-promotion thing. Shameless or not!!!

          1. Just wish I knew how to do the marketing thing β€” I’m prepared to do it, it’s just I don’t really know how!!! Thanks for your generous feedback and comments. And
            I am glad to see you have been able to make your work pay!

  7. This was really good and informative post! I think I will do the same one day but right now I just don’t have the time that is needed. But thank you for posting this, it made me one step forward in my thoughts :)!

  8. Well done on taking the big leap into buying a domain and making your blog your own, I’m sure it was a daunting prospect at first but it’s obviously paying off! Best of luck 😊

  9. Rose Tinted Ramblings

    i can’t get my head round this today but i must. I use a free wordpress and blog for fun/sanity but i would like it to be more so it needs to look more but i’m a bit of a technophobe. I’m so glad to have found your post…onwards and upwards

    1. Thanks for your comments and I felt exactly the same, I was happy to blog as a hobby for ages but suddenly one day I realised I had to take the next step, funny how you just know! The whole process did freak me out in the beginning, I actually wrote a post about it at the time. I think it takes a while to get your head around all the technical stuff but you get there eventually. Good luck and pop back any time, see if I can help! ☺️

  10. Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chΓͺne

    If my current host continues pestering me into moving to a more expensive package, SiteGround shall become my first port of call. You’ll have to enlighten me on the affiliate programme though πŸ˜‰

    1. Mmm flexibility and control sounds like a rubber corset! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m still such a newbie with the techie side of things so I have a lot to figure out in order to get things working the way I’d like but I’m sure I’ll get there one day. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Every time WordPress messes up, so 85 or so times an hour I think of doing what you’ve done, but I chicken out, the thought of all the work and change and learning scares me. But you’ve certainly made me think…hmmm.
    Dropped by from #Blogcrush today but always glad to be here, Liberty.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. πŸŽ„

    1. Oh thanks for the lovely comments.☺️ It did take a week or so for me to feel comfortable with the new dashboard and I also decided to use a new template which took some getting used to. I still have heaps to learn but I think that you always feel like that as a blogger! It was the cost that scared me but now I don’t regret it and being an affiliate is well worth the commission as it’s substantial! Good luck with your decision and thanks for popping by again. Always lovely to see a returning face! Merry Christmas to you too and if you do decide to buy yourself a site as a Christmas gift remember to click through my page. 😊😊

  12. Cool beenz for you! I am glad to see you are doing well with your blog, which by the way I love reading. I keep toying with the notion of self-hosting my blog as well because I want to get into making my own WordPress themes. Plus, I will be making my e-book available on that site. However, to do that I will be truly self-hosting on my personal server tucked away in my little closet. NOT for the faint of heart! But I do have the tech savvy gene to do this. Thank you for inspiring me.

    BTW — WordPress and SiteGround have been sold to Bozo Blogging Company of Elbonia for the sum total cost of 4 sheep, a chicken, and all the goats they don’t have. They will continue to have all the tech support they feel you should have available anytime between the hours of 12 and 13 o’clock every casual Friday morning during the month of Iowa.

          1. Every engineer’s hero! Those comic strips a eerily accurate of the corporate world mentality. It is a bloody miracle we get anything done!

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