Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

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Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

Because of the slower pace of life these past three months of lockdown, and maybe also because of a need to comfort eat, (and possibly a sugar addiction) we have been baking up a storm! I have collected a number of recipe books through the years, we probably have too many now, so slowly but surely I have been recording some of our favourite baking recipes here on my blog in order to make it easier to find them. Now when the kids ask me where a certain recipe is, I tell them to look here!

Homeschooling has also provided plenty of opportunities and excuses for baking. Rebecca is doing Home Economics at school and she just loves it. As we managed to get through school work by lunch time, we had the afternoons to fill. Now, not only did we suddenly have the time for more baking, but Rebecca also had the practical Home Ec. work to complete. How can you disagree with a teacher who asks you to bake a cake for homework? 😀

School is over for my secondary school kids now until September, but Rebecca still asks most days whether she can bake something, which is lovely, but not always ideal for the waistline! After all these weeks of us eating a constant supply of cakes and biscuits I have had to limit the treats to the weekend! (Side note, I have also been needing to work out* a whole lot more!)

So here I have put together a compilation of some of the bakes we have been making during these past three months.

Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes:

1. Bread

Easy home made bread recipes
Buttermilk Soda Bread

I think so many people must have been baking more bread during lockdown, probably because it is a challenge to store bread for a week at home if you don’t have enough freezer space. It has been noticeable that flour has been hard to come by in the supermarket some days, our Aldi went from having none for a few weeks, to stocking 16kg bags!

Also, this blog post I wrote back in March with 5 easy bread recipes has been one of my most read posts during this time which just shows how popular bread baking has been. The quickest bread to make in that post is the buttermilk soda bread which really is delicious and favourite lunch time fare with my kids.

Along the bread theme, we have also been making dough for our home made pizza bases and burger buns. This dough contains yeast so it needs a bit of time to rise but it is simple to make and the results are definitely worth the wait.

For an extra treat we grate cheddar cheese and fold it into the dough when we make rolls and then cook these over a charcoal barbecue – totally delicious!! These are a South African recipe, when we cook rolls over a fire we call them ‘braai broodjies‘.

cheese braai brootjies for Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes
‘braai broodjies’ – cheese rolls on the coals!

2. Savoury Scones and Puffs

cheese puffs and ingredients, Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes
Three Ingredient Cheese Puffs

Groundhog day never felt more real over the past three months than at lunchtime when the menu is ‘not another sandwich!’. So we have branched out into savoury cheese scones and cheese puffs for a tasty alternative. These cheese puffs pictured above only have three ingredients in them so they are ideal for kids to make.

Or you may like to try making scones. This is a plain scone recipe below which I jazzed up a bit with the cheese and pepper.

Basic Cheese Scone Recipe:

  • 500ml self-raising flour (or 500ml plain flour and 20ml baking powder)
  • 5ml salt
  • 1.25ml cayenne pepper
  • 60ml butter or margarine
  • 250ml grated cheddar cheese
  • 190ml milk (or equal parts milk and water)

Sift dry ingredients together. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. stir in the grated cheese. Add the liquid to make a soft dough. Turn dough out onto a floured surface and pat it out until it’s about 12mm thick. Cut into shapes with a cutter or a knife and transfer onto a floured baking sheet. Brush with milk and egg then bake at 230°C for 12 minutes.

You can also add paprika, chopped up sun-dried tomato and chorizo into the dough mix to turn an ordinary cheese scone into a fancy pizza scone!

3. Cookies

We will eat cookies in any shape or flavour! There are thousands of cookie recipes out there but I have admit that my favourite has to be anything with a bit of chocolate in them like afghan cookies which have a lovely crisp texture as they contain cornflakes.

4. Muffins and Cupcakes

Muffins are a perfect treat to put together for an afternoon treat or a picnic as they are quick to make and versatile. I have a basic muffin recipe here which you can adapt to contain any combination of flavours you like from savoury to sweet. Some of my favourites would include lemon and poppy seed, carrot and pecan, double chocolate, breakfast muesli or chorizo and red pepper.

See also: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes
Chocolate Muffins – best eaten on the same day!

5. Sweet Treats

This time at home has included both Mother’s Day and Father’s day. At the beginning when we went into lockdown, we never imagined that it would last so long. Thankfully restrictions have eased a lot now but we still are limited in what we are allowed to do or where we can go – so no dinners our unfortunately. However, we can still spoil each other with our favourite sweet treats!

My kids made me these absolutely gorgeous chocolate truffles for Mother’s Day and now for Father’s Day, they will be making this silky smooth and addictive fudge.

6. Cakes

We had two birthdays during lockdown. Eva celebrated her 18th Birthday, which was a bit miserable for her not being able to celebrate it with her friends and a big party, but we made as much of it as we could by having an online tropical themed dress-up party with the family via Zoom.

One of my family’s favourite cakes is chocolate biscuit cake. Now, listen here, you get chocolate biscuit cake, and then you get CHOCOLATE BISCUIT CAKE! There are plenty of recipes for a sickly sweet and sugary type of CB cake floating about which I can only manage in tiny nibbles, however, the best recipe I have ever found is the one I make which contains eggs to give it a texture that is more similar to brownies. AND IT IS AMAZING! Trust me.

chocoate biscuit birthday cake
The Yummiest Chocolate Biscuit cake recipe in the world!

So these are just a few of our favourite recipes that we have been baking during lockdown, I could go on but there is a chocolate cookie over in the kitchen and it is calling my name!

Have you been baking a lot lately too? What have you enjoyed making?

Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

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